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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     The Z5 has aluminum coated driver and sub bass is the same as the full sized Z7.  The purpose of that on a 70mm driver was clear though. It had mixed results. On a 16mm driver? Not sure why they did that. I took the A2 as the Z5 was bass dominant and it couldnt be dialed down and it was peaking around 70+Hz and was lacking clarity
    ASG 2.5 hits very hard,can be dialed back, has a bass slope with a peak closer to 55/60Hz and is coming into the picture already elevated at 30Hz....not climbing like the Z5 or 2.0 ASG. This is easy to confirm with the test track we use on the over ear tests "On my Level" by Wiz and Too Short which lives in the 30Hz area.
    The 300Hz is dipped a tad or overwhelmed by the Sub-bass. These cost 800bucks in Japan so I was pissed but I lifted the 250Hz slider a touch and male deep vocals were back in the game and I stayed up way too late enjoying going from sub bass test tracks to guitar plucking to Boston's Foreplay and being blown away.
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  2. johnwamp55
    I totally agree that the Z3 out of the box and NO AMp will be bass dominate but its Mids and Treble will be equal to the 846. Once burned in or in my case used over a month or two with no amp the bass will still be present but the bass will settle allowing the Mids and Treble to become more (a bit) present. Now with a good AMP everything changed. The Z5 became more neutral but its bass will always be ready to pound and it will pound in layers. The treble and mids are a bit upfront and detailed.
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  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    agreed. I listen through an X5 and a Cayin C5 and everything will sound tinted by that combo for good or for bad. I love it but that's me.
  4. Luckbad
    I have the ASG-B in my ears right now. Absolutely great depth. The sound signature reminds me a bit of the JVC SZ2000 without EQ, which is actually perfect for stage bass players. I can feel these taking my breath away a bit. The hit isn't as insane as the Pioneer SE-CX8 because it's all natural, but it's really there. These are likely to end up depth kings at this rate.
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  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    I absolutely must have sub-bass. 30-60Hz is a huge thing and I do not want it rising much at that stage. I'd prefer it was coming in elevated instead of elevating.
    Aside from a issue at 300Hz it is impressive all across the spectrum with just the 1 adjust.
    Same driver in our sets.
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  6. katulu
    Hi everyone!
    Just a note: with iems, tips will be important... I say this because I just remembered that when I got my XBA-H3s, I compared the stock tips versus my preferred double-flanged (from old RE0s) and there was no contest - my double-flanged were MUCH better and revealed extra bass extension. BTW, I believe this is at least partly due to the opening which is larger than the stock tips, this because I have compared to other tips and they always seem to deliver better bass extension and quantity than any other tip... for me.
    Also, XBA-H3 I think is slightly better iem than a UE TF10, but neither really belongs in a Best for Bass thread...IMO.
    Is this thread for Bass, or will it focus on EXTREME bass? because I think iems that can't extend on the sub bass can never be basshead iems... Also, the same considerations for EQ/amping should apply to such extreme basshead iems by default...
  7. Tropic
    V-MODA True Blood are really good for treble and bass. Got a pair a while ago.
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Focus on bass however the sub-bass is a critical chunk so IEM that struggle there can't really even be considered as stout in bass response...IMO
    I just turned off my Cayin C5 bass boost and turned on the high gain and left eq flat and these hammer and are crystal clear.
    I have never not used my Cayin bass boost.  The sub bass on the ASG 2.5 is pretty amazing just off the dial and needs no other adjust...would be best not to.
    I hesitated to go high gain because they are IEM and something made me go slow but they want more power. I would not run this set off a DAP only. I can distort a 40mm driver with this setting but not IEM....happily puzzled though it's probably related to impedance.
  9. Tropic
    The FiiO X5 has good sub-bass which helps the IEM.
  10. Dobrescu George
    i am yet to hear anything better than ie80 and ie800 from sennheiser for bass. they are simply amazing. at least, ie8/ie80 bass is sometimes more than i can get from full sized headphones. i am using the bass bost on my e12a, but they do not distort, they reproduce that bass extremely well.
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     ASG 2.5 has more sub bass and Z5 has more upper bass which peaks like the ie800 (80Hz)
    The fit and design of the ie800 is crippling. Getting it in your ear with a secure fit and stable is a challenge.

    An IEM would never do this. (you should own atleast one pair of basshead over ear to feel the bass slapping your head AND shaking the wax out of your ear
  12. eargasam
    How is the bass on the asgb compared to the asg 2 Is the impact the same or does the asg 2 or 2.5 have more
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    asgb is a bass monitor single dynamic driver afaik
    The 2.0 v.s. the 2.5 is a shift in the bass slope more towards the sub-bass. Not sure if one is more.  The bass tests we did with over ear showed most of the head vibe coming from 30-55Hz and the punch around 55-70Hz. Beyond that is more heard than felt. Skullcandy...god bless their neat idea soul....calls the driver in the crushers or that vibe generating set the 55____...not because it's 55mm, it's 40 but because they determined the 55Hz freq to be the the sweet point that loosens the ear wax. We came to the same conclusion or a tad lower with over ear.
    IEM cannot be compared like that but my 15inch subs were crossed over at 53,55,58 Hz 90% of the time and in over ear it was the sweet spot and IEM seem to be no different.  I did a demo vid with the IEM on the mic while I switched from genre to genre and the took everything like a champ but youtube put like 5 copyright claims on it because of the music in the background so it's unviewable in 5+ countries.
    The 2.5 need zero help via eq or hardware boost. I leave my cayin C5 bass switch on by default and switch gain sometimes and eq on the X5 but the issue i thought existed at 300Hz was solved by going high gain on the C5 and switching the bass boost off[​IMG]  That made no sense. IEM can eat a Cayin high gain? Yup. The bass boost would distort some 40mm over ear but it just bloated the IEM. Turn that off and stay high gain and flat eq and it slams. No more 300Hz issue.
    The quotes below are from around 30 seconds in and their is a bass heartbeat dominating the track at this point. The first spoken word sentence is mixed in a couple dB lower than the second but it should be clear and it is about 300Hz. It's a frequency rally point.  You make adjusts off it.  The album was mixed at Abbey Road studios by Alan Parsons.

    That first spoken word was dull..... I was livid. My Sony A2 3 way sound better and they cost 300...What? Turns out it was too low a gain and the bass boost was not needed. Very counter intuitive for a basshead and  IEM noob. I could not imagine they want more power and need no assistance aside from it's own tuning dial.
    The 2.5 were said to be harder to drive and they must be because the Sony cannot take the high gain without getting shouty and sounding not healthy. The ASG want your power.
    A very impressive piece of work by the folks at Aursonics.
    The soundstage is epic and crushes the Sony...I mean it's like going from surround sound to an alarm clock radio when "A" "B" ing.
  14. Dobrescu George
    that, is quite the thing.
    I already own ultrasone dj one pro, and sennheiser hd380 pro as full sized headphones. ultrasone has way more deep bass [20hz-80hz]
    I would be interested in something that has more of a v shaped signature, like ultrasone signature dj next, but as far as iems go, i really am searching for something that has an outstanding sq and lots of bass. for example, momentum series have a lot of bass, but the sound in general was.. not to my taste, compared to ie8...
  15. Raketen
    Have you heard any of the JVC ones mentioned in the thread? like the FX850 is a v with solid bass and loud high mid/treb (to me this prevents maximum bass enjoyment but is still satisfying overall, depending on tips)- other people mentioned the fxz100/200f earlier, looking at measurements it's a steeper v than the 850. not sure how that stacks up against the ie800s- though theyr'e also kinda shallow fit.
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