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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Luckbad
    I saw some recommendations for the MEElectronics M-Duo and really enjoyed the M6 Pro (not remotely basshead), so I picked the dual dynamic driver M-Duo up.
    In short, these sound very good for the price point and do provide nice kick, but are a far cry from basshead IEMs. I still enjoy them enough to keep them, however.
    Full review here: http://www.basshead.club/meelectronics-m-duo-review-non-basshead/
  2. johnwamp55
    The FX850 was nice but it aint no Basshead IEM at all.
  3. Raketen
    Yeah, just got them myself, and think I agree. It has a nice low-end and even a bit of sub rumble but... I keep wanting to turn the volume up to feel the bass more but treble is a bit too loud ...Bass Boost doesn't really sove it, EQ can only do so much, though I'm a total flatliner 90% of the time, someone with a steady EQ hand might do better. Especially bad with a lot of rap, even doom (why are rap vox always so high in the mix... they must be assuming everyone is cranking it on basshead phones or trunks loaded with subs)- not that they sound bad by any means, but for those times you want to push the bass it can get ugly. Though, I've just been messing around with it listening to Earth- 2 and my molars are starting to ache, maybe not so bad [​IMG] 
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  4. johnwamp55
    They do sound nice and can make all stlyes of music sound good. Nicely built but isolation is hit or miss. The IM70 which cost less than $100 has tons of bass and will be neutral for that kind of music but then with bass music it can become a bass IEM. It has 2 Dynamic Drivers.
  5. Raketen
    Yeah i've been wanting to try those or the 50s since I read about them... actually using the tips from my IM02 on the fx850s atm .
  6. Luckbad
    Just finished up my review of the Pioneer SE-CX8. If you're a basshead, you owe it to yourself to at least give them a try, especially at the current price (~$80). The SE-CX8 and SE-CX9 offer an untouchable level of bass impact; a completely unique bass experience.
    I'll be cross-posting at Head-Fi shortly.
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Very cool! Love the ratings table. [​IMG]
  8. hqssui

    Thanks for the review. I am really tempted to get one of these.  Can you please do a quick comparison to Wooduo2 ? Mid Bass / Sub Bass
  9. Luckbad
    Compared to the Wooduo 2, the SE-CX8 has a bit less mid bass and sub-bass without equalization. The bass impact is significantly more present than anything else out there, including the Wooduo 2, but the sub-bass never extends quite as well as the Wooduo 2 or Sony MDR-XB90EX (I feel it a little less in my chest), although that feeling might just get completely overshadowed by the canal shaking. Basically, if you have $80 to spare and are truly a basshead, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not trying them out.
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  10. hqssui

    Thanks for the comparison. Cant control myself, I am going to buy one of these.
  11. eargasam
    Just found out about the aurisonucs asgb comes to found out they are really the asg 1 but tuned strictly for mid and sub bass don't know if that helps anybody out that was intrested but I guess if you did not like the asg 1's for its lack of bass presentation this should be the ticket.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     The 2.5 moved the bass lower and has better sub-bass than the 2. That thread is an interesting read. Buncha folks owning and loving the 2.5 comparing them to 1,500-2,000 IEM (SHURE , FitEar )(which they also owned) then a few started on about the 2 being better and the thread is basically a 2 fan club and the 2.5 folks have just stopped interacting. I was even advised to get the 2. I heard em both...I'm a basshead ....no thanks with the advice.
    Thanks but no thanks.
    I'll be giving my impressions after I get em
  13. johnwamp55
    I am very disappointed with the 2.0, It did well on certain tracks but fell short on many others and the lack of sub bass was weird knowing it has a big DD. The 2.5 is different? I really hope so!
  14. Raketen
    Looking forward to some more 2.5 impressions- from what I've read they might be just the thing to round out my in-ear pile, subbass with a nice downward sloping FR.
    Anyone else heard the Olasonic/Ocharaku Flat4 NAMI? Not remotely basshead, I reckon, and bright enough they make the fx850s seem laid back (lower level boom/rumble), but I'm really enjoying the bass for this type of sound, seems just right, emphasized enough to match the treble/detail emphasis (guess this is what people mean by 'U-shaped').
  15. eargasam
    What about the asg1 anybody heard them?
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