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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. fumoffuXx
    dont do it! there are better! :)
  2. johnwamp55
    I have two Aurisonics one is the universal and the other is custom and yes they do have bass but many times I do feel a lack of Sub Bass on them. Another custom IEM I have is the Future Sonics and that one has a lot more Sub Bass than either version of Aurisonics. But I will add again the Sony Z5 has more Sub Bass and more Bass Impact then the Aurisonics and the Future Sonics.
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Subjectivity...gotta love it[​IMG]
    Thanks for the reply btw.
    I liked the A2 better than the Z5. Maybe why i liked the asg 2.5 more than the 2.0 which seems to run counter to most. The 2.5 had better sub-bass than anything I was allowed to try. I don't like bass humps near 80Hz. I love 2pac.....and his music is often mastered for that range but from my car audio days i like the power of sub-bass with speakers or headphones and apparently IEM[​IMG]
  4. johnwamp55
    Totally agreed, we all have an opinion, some formed from experience others from brand loyalty or lack of comparisons.  I have not tried the 2.5 I hope it is as good as you say. They must have done something to the 2.5 that they didnt do with the 2.0. Wonder if the earpiece is the same or differently shaped?
  5. WoodyLuvr
    Don't do it until you have demoed a pair of JVC Woodies... they are definitely bass and timbre monsters!  To my ears I found that the JVC HA-FX750s have the most controlled and detailed bass over the FX850s and FX1200s.
  6. fumoffuXx
    if u are willing to part ways with your $ for ASG2.5. please buy universals 1964ears V8 :)
  7. eargasam
    Find out about the aurisonics asgb's before you do might be worth a shot.
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Those cost  $1,700
    Money is not an object in my life.
    Going from 350 to 800 bucks with confidence then will move up.
    Bought an apartment in Hawaii with cash (FS...Fee Simple)  waited to see the appreciation that comes with the location while lots of houses went from (LH Lease Hold) at the rate deemed by the Hawaiian Estates ..Bishop..etc. go down the toilet. Pretty sure the guy who owns Sony then just walked away. Was a mess. Learned a lesson then. Now own 2 homes and 1 is empty just waiting on me and the other gets me 2,800 a month rent straight to the bank.  You get my point I'm sure.
    I kind of enjoy the build up to awesomeness anyway. I did that in car audio and enjoyed the process of discovery. The V8 are surely worth their price but I'm gonna see what 800 bucks gets me. Compare with what 300 got me and proceed with all available information
    I impulse bought some Ultrasone Signature Pro for 1,200 and they sounded like 200 dollar cans. Hype hype hype.
    Mostly it's enjoying the cake and saving the best part for last.  Once I hit awesome what do I do? Stay around this site and talk about it. I'll probably be gone. I'm kinda enjoying this whole process. I don't wanna go yet
  9. eargasam
    Also check out the westone w50s as well tremendous tremendous hard hitting bass and impact as well heard those in the airport last night and for what I remember had either just as much bass or better (powerful very) as my two jvc's the fx850 and 1100's . Most people in the westone forum dislike them because they have way too much bass for their taste but sounds like this is the right four for them.
  10. fumoffuXx
    tbh im unsure what u are imply but i do own aurisonics asg2. and i got my V8s and been using them ever since. i did audition the asg2,5, they imho u are better off getting the ASG2s instead. well so excuse me for being so hyped lol
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    I was explaining the joy of going slowly. I don't think the 2.0 are better than the 2.5 We have different opinions.
    Very common on Head-fi[​IMG]
  12. ibro911
    I'd love to see Basshead impressions of the FX850. I just ordered a pair and i'd like to know if they're the best IEMs to excel in bass but not compromise anything else. 

    I'd also like to know what tips to get that improve the quality. I have had people say they used the comply T400s and T500s but no one really has reviewed how different they are from the stock tips.
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I guess it would depend on the user interaction (eq,bass boost ,avg listening lvl) and genre' as well. I like Hip hop but like a bass cut like a kick drum. Raised at 50 and dropped at 250Hz
    I lose some vibe but allow for mids to be more present.
    The FX850 seemed to be LOVED by quite a few bass lovers so congrats on the purchase[​IMG]
    Let your ears decide then you tell us.[​IMG]
    Paralysis by analysis ....it's real and it's bad.
  14. ibro911
    Thanks man. I'm a hip hop-head myself so I appreciate good bass and clear vocals. Would let you know how I find them. 
  15. Ivabign
    I just wondering how the V8 Universals jumped in price from $875 to $1700....
    Maybe I'm reading the posts in the wrong way
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