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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. eargasam
    Never heard of these until today has anybody else heard about these? Do they even exist?
  2. Raketen
    I've been reading up on Aurisoncis stuff recently... It's a bit confusing, did encounter some mentions of 'Bass Series', or ASG-B, ASG-BASS in a couple places- as far as I can tell it's either not yet in production but toruing shows, only available through somee special dealiers- judging by their pix, looks like ASG-1.5 (single dyn driver) with a different name, or possibly the ASG-1.5 but with a bass vent valve like on the asg-2 series.
  3. Ivabign
    Definitely the ASG-2 and 2.5 - both thump well. Also, nice website - it is now bookmarked.
    Luckbad likes this.
  4. eargasam
    Saw of couple of websites on ebay selling them. First thing on Monday I'm going to call aurisonics and inquire about them. There was something on YouTube about them as well but not enough information about them
  5. eargasam
    One of the websites had them advertise for 299.00 don't know how true it is though
  6. Luckbad
    It looks like the Aurisonics ASG-B Bass is new and barely available anywhere. I'm trying to get in touch to see if I can check 'em out. Thanks for finding these!
  7. eargasam
    No problem the first to hear these or find out more info on these please let us all know if the if these are strictly for bass should be one heck of a experience!!!
  8. warrior1975
    I'd order the gladly. If they have more bass than the g2/2.5 wow... Crazy
  9. Raketen
    Got the JVC 850s in today. Def got some nice low/sub rumble going on, maybe more than my DT770s. Kinda weird sound sig though, a portion of the treble just lazers into your brain, not like sibilance but where the rest of the sound has a kinda wide stage for iem, that part cuts right through it- bit annoying. some Audio Technica IM series tips (slightly narrower bore) seem to fix it for me, without killing the stage (sony hybrids did).
  10. Ivabign
    Give them some sock drawer time......
  11. Raketen
    Don't usually burn myself, though i have heard JVC's drivers seem to benefit noticably- the dude I got them from burned in for 100hrs... thankfully it's only really bothersome with some music, and the tips seem to fix that without changing sound too much.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I am about to pull the trigger on the asg 2.5's...any thoughts?
  13. WhatToChoose
    Heard good things about ASG.....looking forward to impressions!
  14. Ivabign

    Oops - thought they were new...
    Treble harshness can be diminished by insertion depth (amongst other things) - perhaps some experimentation with tips and placement.

    You should have a good time with them - have the 2.0 (actually 22's) and enjoy them a great deal.
  15. gikigill
    I will post a comparison of all the IEMs shortly. How they sound, how they power etc etc.
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