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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Luckbad
    If you listen at moderately high volumes, the Pioneer SE-CX8 has insane hit because of the bass exciter. Lower volume doesn't engage the exciter.

    Wooduo 2 is very good for depth and good for hit. JVC HA-FXZ200 with the Wooduo 2 or NarMoo S1 ear tips have more depth and slightly less hit than Wooduo 2.

    JVC Xtreme Xplosives (FR202) have about as much depth and more hit than those two but have a less pleasing sound signature (and should for $25). NarMoo S1 loses a little hit but sounds a little better at a similar price point.

    I still haven't heard any Sony IEMs.
  2. gikigill
    The T10 with the reference filter and suitable tips can be pretty good. They pair well with the Arrow 4G.
  3. CorsairFreak
    Hey all,
    I got my pair of SE-CX8's and have listened to them almost exclusively (I listened to my hippo vb's for a bit to compare the two) since I got them.
    The first time I listened to them, I had them playing through my ipod touch/fiio e12 combo, with elephant candy eq and fiio bass boost turned on. That experience was so unique, I have never heard anything like it in an iem. 
    I have a hard time comparing them to the Hippo VB's, it doesn't seem fair, but I will try it anyway. The pioneers have much more bass quantity, that's not up for debate in my mind. I used to think the hippos had had the most bass and the best bass quality I had ever heard, but after getting to know the cx8's, the Hippo's sound like Etymotic's. I will be very pleasantly surprised if I hear anything that has more bass than the cx8's do in the near future.
    Before you read this next sentence I want to say that I try to never exaggerate, as I feel a lot of head-fi has a problem with over-exaggerating. This can cause people to get upset when they buy a product based on what someone says, only to find out when they hear the product themselves, that their claims aren't entirely true. I myself have been a victim of this, so this is me practicing what I preach.
    The SE-CX8's have so much bass, that when I set them on my desk while a song is playing, they rattle across my desk and end up on the floor. I can only get them to do this when they are playing through my ipod/e12 combo. They don't do it when playing through my phone. I can throw up a video on youtube if someone wants to challenge this.
    Now for quality, the hippos win. Sometimes I can tell that the bass from the "bass exciter" is just not quite genuine. I can look past that because I don't mind the trade off for the amount of bass that comes with it, some people might care, but I don't. Also, the hippo's extend quite a bit deeper than the pioneers, and do not have that bloated middle bass hump that the sennheiser ie80's do. 
    But, since the point of this thread is quantity over quality, I think I can safely say that:
        Pioneer SE-CX8  >  Hippo VB + any other iem I have ever heard
  4. Luckbad
    I actually returned my Pioneer SE-CX8, but I reordered them yesterday because I miss 'em. Sure, you have to turn the volume up higher than I prefer to get the insanity bass, but it truly is a unique experience. It's like EQing the hell out of the JVC SZ2000 and having them shake your noggin, but in an IEM.
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I was...my basshead brain was struck by the genius of the whole experience. Very cool idea by Pioneer.
  6. WhatToChoose
    This Cx8 is sounding interesting....how does it hold up to the current basshead royalty, like the wooduo 2?
  7. gikigill
    Did I hear BASS[​IMG]
    From left to right:
    Twinwoofers, FXZ100, Pump Audio, Velodyne Vpulse, Geek Verb, RHA T10i, Brainwavz S5, FXZ200, Thinksound Rain2,XBA-H3,JH16
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  8. Luckbad
    The Pioneer SE-CX8 has a bit less depth and a ton more impact than the Wooduo 2. If you listen at low volumes or refuse to EQ, the Wooduo 2 has more depth and more impact. If you listen a medium or higher volumes and are willing to EQ, the SE-CX8 is completely untouchable in impact quantity.
  9. Luckbad
    Awesome! Got a ranking for these bad boys? I'm slowly starting to rank the IEMs I have heard on the top secret website that I'm willing to share in this thread now. HBB and CorsairFreak are helping out as well. Basshead.Club is the site. This is the current top IEM list. It isn't properly ranked yet, because there are still quite a few earphones left to try before any real degree of confidence can be achieved. If you don't see something on there that should be up for consideration, let me know and I'll get it on the To Try list.
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  10. B9Scrambler

    Great site! Can't wait to read through everything :) Kudos! I'll have to send over a couple suggestions for your "to try" list.
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  11. CobraMan
    My current favorites:
    Sony MDR-EX650
  12. Raketen
    Dig the site!
    Got some JVC 850s coming soon, hopefully they will fill the bass slot in my earphone rotation.
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  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    20042.gif [​IMG]
  14. snellemin
    Nice site.  This is a site I've been waiting for a long time.  
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  15. eargasam
    It's kind of crazy that out of all of these earphones nobody has mentioned the aurisonics asgb bass series earphones has anybody heard theses?Would imagine the bass on these must be pretty great
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