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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. warrior1975
    That's a good point, definitely not bass monsters, but I do enjoy them very much. Kind of surprised the asg g2 don't seem to get much attention here, they are definitely bass monsters with the adjustable ports.
  2. GrandNagus50
    The ASG's are pretty expensive . I think peroducts that are affordable for more people get most of the attention.

    And yes, I like the JVC's, too, but mostly for the qualityof rhe bass, not so much its quantity.
  3. johnwamp55
    ASG2 has nice bass but what I usually hear is more Mid bass and it does hit hard. On certain tracks the ASG does a good job but at times I am wishing for sub bass. Sony Z5 has bass and it has sub bass it eliminated the 846 for me. The Sony Z5 has more bass and better bass than any Dynamic driver I bought or listened to and there are IEM having multiple BA Drivers that can compete.
  4. johnwamp55
    You can go spend $50 Dollars and then after 4 months you go buy another for $75 then after 5 months you read and ask and end up spending $112 Dollars then after three years you end up spending over $1,800 for many IEMs you would never use again. Or you can but a great one right now and enjoy it for a year or two or maybe this great IEM will be used as long as it doesnt brake.
  5. warrior1975
    New they are $750 I believe. You can find them used a bit more reasonable. Definitely worth it if you love bass IMHO.
  6. GrandNagus50
    Johns amp:
    You are right about the possible folly in spending money in bits and dabs instead of buying just one really great item. I guess the answer is that part of having audio as a hobby is the fun of considering and comparing different products at various price points. Actually, after I purchased my JH16's years ago, for a long time I stopped paying much attention to new or different IEM's. But eventually I found myself drawn back into the hobby, despite the fact that none of the cheaper IEM's are as good as my JH16's. Sometimes "not as good but still interesting" is enough.

  7. DJ XtAzY
    Now I'm debating if I want the Velvets or Z5. I already own JVC FX850, but they fall out of my ears easily.
  8. Ivabign

    +1 - I love my JH16's, but there are enough different signatures or "flavors" out there to keep me interested. (and buying - lol)
  9. warrior1975

    I don't know if that's a good or bad thing!
  10. WhatToChoose
    It is rather surprising about the amount of times the Shure se846 wasn't preferred!
    I also like Johhnywamp's analysis. I always tried to avoid thinking about it this way to feel less guilty.
    So far I have gotten:
    M6 Pros ($50)
    T10s ($200)
    T1Es ($50)
    Some random philips ones ($10)
    Some random philips ones again ($30)
    That is $340.....not too bad actually, only use the T10s now, but still $140 down the drain....D;
  11. eargasam
    Can anyone comment on should I get the z5s bass response to the Roxannes I like what people are saying about the asg 2 should I get those or save for the Roxanne I am looking for the best mid and sub bass earphones in quality and quantity out there
  12. eargasam
    I'm mean should I get either the z5s Roxannes or asg2
  13. Raketen
    Part of the fun with cheaper stuff is sampling different sounds. I guess I can see that as wasted money, but it's also taught me a lot about my own preferences- Plus, still wouldn't cover a pair of top-end headphones [​IMG]
  14. eargasam
    Also alot of people are commenting on the bass of the westone w50s as well.
  15. eargasam
    Also for me the best bass that I have heard in an iem has been the jvc fx1100s followed by the fx850s I'm looking for something more powerful to the ears in bass than those two
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