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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. warrior1975
    Asg g2 pretty much the most I've ever heard, adjustable port.

    Tralucent Ref1-hands down my favorite iem ever, most incredible, perfect bass ever. Not as much as the asg g2 with port fully open, but better sounding, much better.

    Rha-t10 top 3 for me, but after those two. Incredible bang for your buck considering price of Ref 1.

    Shure Se846-very close in performance to rha t10 but I prefer the rha unit.

    Heir 8.0-rounds out my top 5. Not near the bass presence of the others, but very musical. Borderline bass head.

    Ckr9- good, but not on the levels of the others
  2. Luckbad
    I was just at my local Micro Center picking up something for my computer and I wandered into the headphone aisle.
    Much to my surprise, they had the new JVC HA-FR202 there for $25, so I picked them up.
    I've spent about 10 minutes with them and they are pretty insane bass. Hit and extension are some of the most significant I've heard.
    I can't yet speak to overall sound quality, but if you have a Micro Center near you, go see if they have them. Mine had them in several colors even. They have the annoying problem that some of the headset IEMs do, which is that you can't stick them all the way into your headphone output on the PC or you won't get proper stereo. But they're cheap.
  3. WhatToChoose
    It is always terrific to hear someone found their end-all IEM! For me, it is the RHA T10. These get a lot of hate from detail demons, but their beautiful/industrial construction and aesthetics, combined with their relentlessly powerful sound sig just kills it for me XD
    I didn't mean to offend your opinion either, but I just felt the need to comment on the $700 bargain you were talking about. Being a mere mortal, I cannot see anything above $200 to be a bargain, but that's just me :wink:
    I am also surprised to hear that the IE800s actually kind of suck for their price. I read reviews that their soundstage was absolutely incredible, and the bass was unfathomably good. However, complaints about the fit, non-audiophile sound (in a way), and construction for the price seem to prevent it from being considered viable competition for the price point.
    Honestly, the highest tier IEM I have used is the Westone W3, and there were many reviews raving about the bass. I found it extremely unsatisfying however, which made me doubt the ability of BAs to produce a competent level of bass reproduction. Perhaps the higher tier BA drivers counter this notion? Based off of your impression they do, which would be awesome to try someday! Someday, when my wallet isn't crying
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  4. johnwamp55
    Well my 2 Cents, My Favorite IEms that produce bass and Sub Bass while keeping the mids and treble clear are : 1. Sony Z5 (its Dynamic Driver hits hard, hits wide, hits deep), Future Sonics MG6 Pro (Floor Standing Speakers in your head), Audio Technica IM70 (Dual Dynamic drivers for less than $100), Shure 846, Rhapsodio RD3, JH Audio 16, Aurisonics ASg2, and Custom Art Harmony 8 P.
  5. johnwamp55
    I borrowed the IE800 and it is a fun IEM great treble and great Bass and a very nice Sound Stage. I hate its cable so that stopped me from buying it. The Westone 3 when it came out like 8 years ago it did have good bass compared to other BA Drivers. Since then many newer better models. I would never say or think the Westones 3 was bass IEMs.
  6. obsidyen
    Some people like IE800, I would think they would be fine at $299 or something but in my opinion they just don't deserve their current price. Soundstage is indeed huge but it's like being in a concert hall. Velvet's soundstage is more like being in a high-end club. IE800's soundstage is better for classical but Velvet's is better for EDM and modern music. Yes, the fit and microphonics of the cable are also major problems. Another con is that the cable is not detachable. The biggest problem of IE800 are lean sound signature and sibilance in the highs. The sound is not full and mids are recessed. It's not possible for me to enjoy music with such a sound signature. Others may disagree and I respect that.
    I also used to have dynamic IEMs before. However they never really did it for me, I never lost myself in the music. Then I wanted to try IEMs with BA drivers. I used a Westone W40 for 2 weeks, the sound was dull and boring. SE846 was more of the same. SE846 had bass but boring sound killed any enjoyment. Then I met Earsonics brand. First I got SM64, which is in my opinion the best mid-tier IEM. It's got good, but not great bass. More than sufficient for EDM but would probably not satisfy hiphop fans. Then I saw Earsonics released Velvet, and that it was a natural upgrade to SM64 (ljokerl said so) so I bought it. It indeed was a huge upgrade so I sold SM64. Now there are 3 mods of Velvet and I use balanced mode. It says balanced but there are still lots of bass. Warm mode is for bassheads. [​IMG] I never tried tight (less bass) mode as I'm not a huge fan of treble. Maybe there are other IEMs with BA drivers that have great bass, but I can easily say that Velvet's bass is far far better than IE800's. And on warm mode, Velvet has much more quantity in addition to quality compared to IE800, especially in the sub-bass department.
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    The IE800 and the SE846 are the 2 IEM that blew my mind in a bad way. The SE had a unique sound that was odd compared with most others and it's sub bass was not there on My Wiz Khalifa test track. The IE800 were worse (Japan they are more expensive) were behind glass and I had to wait and had about 20 minutes. Not until 2 days ago did I get to hear them in a casual enviroment (friend owns them...is very sad about that). When folks mention soundstage I think about my 70mm wide open back ma900 for ref because that is what a wide stage is to me. It is not the same with IEM but I simply didn't hear anything besides an artificial spike in the upper end creating a wide simulation/effect and overall?  For that price? For 1/2 that price?
    I'm kinda blown away but this is subjective of course. The price is just an additional whuuuu? on top of a sound that is not particularly impressive.
  8. eargasam
    Thinking about the t10 wondering is it really true that in the bass department does it push well beyond its price bracket and how do they compare to the se846s w50s or even the fx850s or the 1100s in bass?
  9. eargasam
    Or the velvets?
  10. johnwamp55
    The T10 are nicely built and its bass is nice cause of its dynamic driver. The main issue is, and I rarely say this, the mids are not clear it is veiled and treble is dull. Comparing the T10 to 846 if you prefer dynamic drivers as I do then you might enjoy the T10 for its low end but in this case the 846 bass goes deeper and it is quality bass. If you think the 846 Treble was not bright then the T10 will no be present. The 846 Mids are hands down better. The Velvet is nice and it reminds me a bit like the 846.
  11. comfortPlox
    I agree with this. I tried out the t10, and I knew it wasn't for me within a day or two. The built is fantastic, the bass is nice and boomy, but the vocals really do sound veiled. If you like bass, go for it, but that's all it does well aside from the build. They feel premium and are very comfortable to wear.
  12. johnwamp55
    Well if you want bass and I mean not just bass but sub bass that goes deeper and hits harder than the 846 then go for the z5. Not only does the Z5 has all the bass you will ever want its mids are clear, clearer but not up front. Its Mids are clear and detailed but not pushed forwards. The treble is Bright and sharp when needed and smooth when called for. Unlike other detailed Monsters which has non stop sharp treble which makes your ears hurt the treble on the Z5 is clear (clearer and natural than the 846) without causing your ears to become fatigued. Sound Stage is much wider than many custom IEMs and the Z5 has a 3D sound to them.
  13. Luckbad
    Sony Z5 is on my list to try. After putting the NarMoo S1 tips on my JVC HA-FXZ200, it's the only IEM I want to listen to most days. Incredible sound and massive bass depth with good bass impact after burn-in. I pair it with the Cayin C5 amp and usually just use its bass boost with no EQ. You can find the FXZ200 for $150 or less. I hear the JVC HA-FX850 might have more bass impact than these, so they are on my watch list for a price drop.
  14. GrandNagus50
    There is really nothing really special about the bass performance of the T10i's. They are good IEM's with crisp, detailed sound and the bass is good but there is no "wow" factor; as others have said, their weak point is vocals. 
    And again, although the JVC HA-FXZ200's have pleasant bass that responds well to EQ and the Cayin C5, I don't find them to be "bass monsters." For sheer bass impact, I currently vote for the HiSound Wooduo HW2. These are wooden IEM's, not at all expensive, they have incredible, resonant bass. They respond well to EQ and amplification, too. At this price the overall performance is not going to match the Shure 846 or Sennheiser IE800's, certainly, but we are talking basshead IEM's here.
  15. WhatToChoose
    That comparison to the Westones really helped me see your perspective on the bass! I wonder how the slightly less expensive ATH IM03s stack up
    With regards to the RHA T10, I found the stock tips made it sound rather dull. Combined with samsung s5 tips though, they seemed to improve in the top end quite significantly. They pair quite well with the sansa clip.
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