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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. fumoffuXx
    These is...? Haha
  2. comfortPlox
    se215 special edition
  3. WhatToChoose
    Ill be looking forward to your comparison between the T10 and the se215 ltds!
  4. Bandooken
    Havent heard many iems but i know that Denon C751 have really good bass and are cheap too!! got mine for $60 CAD 
  5. Luckbad
    Absolutely, the JVC HA-FXZ200 is a huge step up from the Wooduo 2 in overall sound quality. With no bass boost or EQ of any sort, I love what they sound like with rock, alternative, classical, acoustic... just about anything. They are nothing like the JVC SZ2000 in tonality (the SZ2000 needs EQ all the time to not sound horribly veiled). Apply some EQ and/or Cayin C5 bass boost and they become thunderous. Less direct impact than the Pioneer SE-CX8/CX9, but much better depth/extension and less need for high volume to get any hit.
  6. Raketen
    Hmm... I've had them for quite a few years now, never thought of it as super bassy but it is nice in quality - though i never tried EQ with them.
    *edit* pulled them out, not used in a while. forgot how nice these are [​IMG] i think you're right about bass, it is pretty good, esp when i put bass boost on... too bad i lost the original tips, tough to find a good pair for them, treble can get kind of edgy with a bad match.
  7. comfortPlox
    Thanks. I'll keep you posted!
  8. hqssui
    Great. Definitely in my #tobuy list. thanks ..
  9. Littleted
    Run quite a few over the year, but I'm in agreement that no matter what I try sonys come out tops for me.

    My Sennheiser Ie8i are ok but even with the bass port tuned it's not as clear or as good as the Sony MDREX1000 which in my opinion bang for buck is one of the greats

    I did try akg3003 they were very nice but not worth the 600 UK sterling compared to my ex1000s

    Worst I've ever owned for bass were the etoymic 4p rubbish sold them.

    Get some foam tips and bass will come better still
  10. Raketen
    Just got a used pair... I was expecting the bass to be weak due to many of the impressions I'd read- consensus seemed to be that they are rather bright with slightly unsatisfying bass, but it really is good imo, and doesn't seem to subsume the mids at all either- probably not BASSHEAD level, but with DSP like ClearBass and amp bass boost it can be- I believe the XBA-H3 which is reputed as having great bass utilizes the same driver.
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Basshead level requires an amp and a lift in the sub-bass. It's pretty much the working definition.
    A person who enjoys an excessive amount of bass.
    Pre-tuned to bassy and it's probably close to it's max and will choke/distort with amp fairly quick.
    I have never heard a basshead level over ear set without an amp. I have heard an amount of bass that was large relative to the other freq's and that makes for poor mids. Basshead level is nutz and that needs amp at least and for me eq at 31 and 62 Hz
     I'm finding it seems that this all applies to IEM as well.
     Pre-tuned bassy and your at the edge of a mud slide. Well made and tuned with a person who can step up an amp and driver like an OC'ing of a CPU...step by step.....and that person can build a monster if the set is well designed.
  12. obsidyen
    I think Earsonics Velvet on warm mode reaches basshead level bass in sub-bass. Mid-bass is more recessed compared to sub-bass so it might need EQ'ing, but sub-bass is what I'd call basshead level without EQ'ing. I love bass and it was too much for me. That said, when I want a high-end club vibe in my ears, I use warm mode.
    Dynamic drivers might surpass Velvet in terms of mid-bass but I doubt they can surpass it in sub-bass. Quantity might be a tie but quantity+quality overall, Velvet is a killer in sub-bass. Combine that with the clarity of the mids and smoothness of the highs, Velvet is indeed a bargain at its price point.
  13. WhatToChoose
    Bargain? $700? Lol
    I have no doubt it sounds awesome though
  14. Raketen
    Haha, yeah, hard to think of that as a bargain. Though. if I consider the gradually escalating prices of all the pairs of budget-mid priced 'phones I have bought for the sake of variety, with diminishing returns, over the past few years, maybe it's not so ridiculous, esp for a tunable pair. Anybody here tried those FLC8 tunable hybrids Joker recently reviewed?
  15. obsidyen
    I didn't say it was inexpensive. I said it was a bargain because it can compete with much pricier rivals. For me, it's end-game. Every time I listen to music with Velvet, I'm just amazed by how fantastic and musical it sounds. I've had lots of headphones and Velvet's sound signature is perfect for me. When you get that, the price you pay doesn't bother you at all. I had Chord Hugo at one point, it's quite an expensive dac but I felt cheated because the amp section was abysmal, lean and overly bright. Same with IE800, made in Germany etc but sound quality was just not there. One of Sennheiser's worst headphones in terms of value/price ratio, maybe the worst. At least with $100 Momentum IEMs you know what you're going to get.
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