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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. fumoffuXx
    Well. Tbh i dunno everything is different and is good at different types of music. Bassy i still prefer the v8s tried the a12 lack in bass due to the lack in pneumatic pressure i spose? But nonetheless it was still clear and beautiful. But given an amount to spend now for a new iem. Ill definitely wanna own a pair of dita truths :)
  2. Luckbad
    I've been using the JVC HA-FX200 for several days now, and at first I wasn't sure that they'd reach the Basshead category.
    ~60+ hours of burn-in and a swap of eartips to the NarMoo S1 tips later, and I stand corrected.
    These things are becoming pretty frickin' amazing right before my ears. I'm starting to work up impressions for the top-secret website only HawaiiBadBoy and CorsairFreak know about as we speak. :wink:
    Hawaiibadboy likes this.
  3. obsidyen

    No, lol... Prettier.
  4. fumoffuXx
    Ok guys i retract my statement about the se215 lol bass is pretty muddy still. But oh boy is it bright not dark lol this time i tried with the n6. Just tried it again 2hrs ago haha :p
  5. comfortPlox
    Which se215 edition do you have? 
  6. fumoffuXx
    none. i tried the special editions (transparent blue)
  7. diamondears
    The Special Edition sounds best using the foam tips. I find it bit trebly and sibilant with the silicone tips. Guess this is tuned with the foam tips in mind, which is what's installed out of the box.

    Otoh, the Regular Edition sounds best with the silicone tips IMHO. I don't find it lacking treble or sparkle at all with the silicones. And neither does the bass, fumo. Yes I can prolly allow you to say the bass is a bit muddy on the Special Edition (maybe due to added or enhanced sub-bass extension), but on the Regular Edition no way the bass is muddy. In fact it's so articulate and accurate.
  8. diamondears
    Try the regulars with the silicone tips, try the bigger silicones to ensure tight seal. Better to err on bit bigger than smaller tips. As I've been saying on the SE215 thread, this (regulars) is the most "live" sounding, natural and realistic IEMs I've heard. Makes sense it elicited "wows" from Tyll Hertsens.
  9. hqssui
    I have my eyes on FXZ200. But right now enjoying my ZA Bassos so much. How is the overall SQ of FXZ200. Would you say it's a step up from Wooduo2 / Hippo VBs ..
  10. comfortPlox
    That's unfortunate that the se215 special editions have muddy bass. I still wonder how the special editions compare to the LTD. From what I've read on the ltd is that the treble is lacking, and the bass is extended but tight and not muddy. I can give some impressions of the  se215 special editions tomorrow. I previously owned the se215 regular editions.
  11. diamondears
    The Special Edition's bass is definitely not muddy with the foam tips. With the silicone tips, it's not as tight as the Regular Editions but I think that's due to the added treble with the silicones which sort of overcomes the bass thus giving the impression that it's muddy.
  12. fumoffuXx
    Lol this debut will never end coz everyone has their preference no one is wrong :xf_eek:
  13. diamondears
    Yeah. And IEM's SQ, unlike HPs, is affected SUBSTANTIALLY by the tips used...the size, the material, the wax guard or filter, etc. that's why I think it's very unfair to say that the SE215 Special Edition is muddy; it's not muddy, it's just less tight compared to the Regular Edition, and in fact not even "less tight" using the foam tips (which has a wax guard btw, so this is a factor also especially with the treble).
  14. fumoffuXx
    Well the only variable that changed when i tried the se215 agin was using a n6 compared to a x5 in the past soooo perhaps synergy issues? Not sure ill tried again another time
  15. comfortPlox
    Yeah I guess it's all personal preference. I'm looking forward to these as the RHA t10i didn't suit me at all. I will probably compare the two a little before I return the t10i.
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