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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. fumoffuXx
    I found the se215 tbh horrible. Within the same price range ill take the im70s anytime :/ just my opinion. I found the shures too muddy and the bass is rather uninteresting. Its like they added bass just to special edition it.
  2. diamondears
    What do you find horrible, the regulars or specials? Muddy is theast word I'll describe the Shure SE215. What recording, player, DAC and amp did you use? I used just the iPhone 6 playing 16/44 WAV files and they're far from muddy.
  3. fumoffuXx
    i used them on my previous dap, fiio x5. i tested them on several occasions, all conclusions were the sound signature was muddy or rather muffled. Too dark for me. Was playing cd rips files in wav and aiff, hip hop jpop and regular pop, i cant remember off hand but i know i did not enjoy it. they were the SEs i never tried the standard edition.
  4. diamondears
    Funny that I find the Special Editions too sibilant even. Far from dark...lol Maybe you got the Limited Editions, which based on my readings are warmer. Or probably the Copy Editions?...:D
  5. fumoffuXx
    maybe bad synergy? *shrugs tbh dont care what people say, you listen u like it buy it own it :pits only my opinion if u like it dont ever let others doubt your own preference hehe
  6. iranintoavan

    How do you like the V8? My custom is almost finished and should be in my ears in a week or two. I can't wait!
  7. fumoffuXx
    I think iam currently enjoying it too much lol. Clarity, brighter, cleaner tighter bass in comparison to be asg2.. Less wild.
  8. iranintoavan

    Nice. I can't wait. Favorite song or album on them so far? Any that really show it off? I'm putting together a playlist to try when I get mine.
  9. fumoffuXx
    I listen to stuff mainly fro. Nujabes, pase rock, marcus d, substantial, uyama hiroto. Above and beyond's sirens of the sea album as well as the acoustic album :) o bon jovi's living on a prayer wooo thats beautiful
  10. Raketen
    Not a basshead, but think my pile of in-ears is incomplete without a bass staple. Thought I'd try out a few budget pairs at first:
    Fidue a31s was $28 on Amazon.  Subs is their best frequency. It's tiny but booms with some rumble (best with single flange tips so they're right in your ear). Lacking in tight 'articulated' mid tho. Not bad for the price, though I've read Carbo Basso is legit great for around the same, so maybe a bit tough for a31s compete. Anyone else heard these or Basso?
     JVC FX101  out of package, bass  strong boom, no upper/midbass, but i thought i could "improve" awful mids & treble with a burn in. i am a fool. mistake. killed the bass, didn't help anything else. f*it, a brand new pair will give you 48 hours of bass- EQ 55-100 max, everything above 250 to -12db, if your favorite way of hearing music is through a cinderblock wall while these drive by: 
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  11. fumoffuXx
    I think for a budget pair fischer leggios is kind bassy among the series :)
  12. diamondears
    I don't think you listened to it. I think you just saw the frequency response curve tilted downward right (Harman curve) and say, yeah, it is dark! :D
  13. somanydynamos

  14. fumoffuXx
    Haah fine fine i hate shures! Let the hate fall upon me! :p
  15. diamondears
    Lol...so what you think is the best IEM out there?
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