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Head-Fi Award Badges

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Nov 15, 2015.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    One of the ideas that, sadly, ran out of steam some months ago, was the Themed Monthly Avatar Committee. I remember Warrenpchi and the guys in that thread wondering what would happen if they collectively creating avatars depicting Jude or myself and using them for a month. Would we be angry? Would they get banned?  The result was pretty hilarious. Go to the thread, click on "View all" in the top-right images box and scroll down for some pretty disturbing photoshop work or check out this album for the Jude avatars. While TMAC is fairly no more, it did spark the idea in me that we should have some kind of awards system for members (though what we'd award them for was a whole other question). The system already had an awards system built in, it just needed images and a reason. Since Head-Fi has a big focus on meets, that is where we have started, followed by badges for a few of the larger groups. 
    Thanks to Warrenpchi and his awesome photoshop skills, the badges are now in their second iteration. The first lot we soon realised were going to end up being too bulky if left in signatures, so now are smaller. Also, while at first we had separate badges for exhibitors and attendees at meets, to make management less hassle, both will now get the same badge.
    Here are the originals:
    Head-Fi_Special_Badges_01a_CJSC2015.png Head-Fi_Special_Badges_01a_CJSC2015_Exhibitor.png   hfcjl15_exhibitor_badge_01a.png   hfcjl15_sponsor_badge_01a.png   hfcjl15_attendee_badge_01a_360.png   hfukhfg_member_badge_01a.png
    And the current versions:
    badge_stage2_CanJam-SoCal-2015.png badge_stage2_CanJam-London-2015.png badge_stage2_CanJam-Singapore-2016.png badge_stage2_CanJam-RMAF-2015.png badge_stage2_Group-Singaporean.png
    badge_stage2_Group-TeamTokyo-White.png badge_stage2_Group-UK.png badge_stage2_Group-SoCal.png
    Before you ask: If you have a group, or large meet and want a badge, the answer is: Maybe. We haven't decided how far we're going to take it. I think some people are going to end up with signatures with a LOT of badges in there, so it might be limited to CanJams and the existing groups just for now. Also because Warren has to make the badge, and he is insanely busy. Also, if there are a lot of people, someone has to assign them to profiles, which can take a bit of time.
    What do you reckon would be a good reward for members?
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