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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. javb06
    I recently sent in my HE560 in to the HIFIMAN US service department under warranty and I received a replacement pair, however the left slider for the headband adjustment is very loose. The right headband slider is tight, as it should be, and never moves, but the left slider moves out of place while I'm wearing the headphones. I tried to ignore the issue, but constantly having to readjust the headband slider is very bothersome.
    I believe I received a defective replacement and when I spoke to customerservice@hifiman.com I was told I must ship the headphones to China this time for a replacement because the US service department is out of replacement stock, but shipping to China to exchange a replacement pair which shouldn't have had any issues is considerably more expensive than what I paid to return the headphones the first time.
    Is there any other way to resolve this problem?

    Thank you
    EDIT: Talked with HIFIMAN and we decided that they would send me a replacement headband and I can install it myself which I think is a fair compromise. Thanks HIFIMAN.
  2. Jeangenie
    I am an need of replacement retainer rings for the outside of the headphone grill!
  3. conquerator2
    Contact HiFiMAN customer support directly :}
  4. GHoldridge
    So I've noticed an issue on two pairs of he400i. My first pair sent back due to frozen yoke bushings at the cup making movement stiff which put extra pressure on the swivel (left/right) joint. The swivel joint developed some wiggle to it. My second pair (replacement) all joints moved freely. Somehow though one of the swivel joints is starting to develop this wiggle. I can't keep returning these shipping gets expensive and it makes the savings I got from a returned product pointless. Even if I bought brand new I'm not so confident this wouldn't develop that swivel joint looks to turn on a very small point. I know the he-1000 has the same design except in metal. Can this joint be tightened? I can't afford an he-1000 though the thought of metal parts seems more reliable and durable. I wish 400i/560 owners had a choice of getting metal forks with bearings, swivel joint and headband adjuster. So anyone else run into this or know how to fix it? I can't be the only one.
  5. kidgafanhoto
    Dear Hifiman, thanks for the promotions about the HE-400i and HE-560. In the next year we expect promotions about the new models, in special, HE-400S. Thanks !
  6. Usagi Contributor
    Has anyone else experienced problems in getting Hifiman on the phone? I want to buy more equipment and had some questions, yet no one answers the phone number posted on their website. 
  7. fotomeow
    not sure, but suspect that their Customer Service team is actually in China, not the US.
    so Phone calls in the US may just get re-routed to China ... might consider time differences, etc
  8. Usagi Contributor
    Ah, that could explain it. They used to run a satellite location I believe out of New York. A lady called Ms. T used to handle their customer service calls.  
  9. fotomeow

    I've never tried calling them. I emailed a couple of times. the English response seemed like ESL.
    Also, she didnt know that "HP" stands for headphones, when I was asking them a ? re: their own HE 560,
    and had to spell it out for her. anyone on HP forums in the US knows that HP stands for headphones 
  10. glassmonkey
    I'm a native English speaker from the USA and write and conduct research for a living--I read and write a lot of words. I wouldn't have instantly known what you meant by HP, it could've been referring to your computer, a Hewlett Packard, it could have been talking about a popular English condiment, H & P brown sauce. In general writing, it is bad practice to not define your abbreviations, and it is very bad practice to shorten single words. Is it really so hard to say headphone or type those extra 7 characters? This isn't twitter, after all. Overuse of abbreviation, like abbreviating ESL (English as a Second Language) will lead some people, even native speakers, to not understand what you are saying. I suggest re-examining the premise.
    kid vic likes this.
  11. Zoro
    I sent like 5 emails to "customerservice@hifiman.com‬"and no one respond to me until now[​IMG]
    my question is:
    I just ordered a pair of HE 400i headphone from a third party called "J&L TRADING CO. LTD" within amazon and I want to ask about is my headphone in this case covered by manufacturer warranty or not ?
    Please Support Team answer me[​IMG] 
  12. Usagi Contributor

    I was finally able to get in touch with Hifiman HeadDirect. The odds of them answering the phone are against you. They stated that whomever is in charge of customer service phone support was sick and the rest of the team was at a convention. To answer your question directly, they supposedly only warranty items that were purchased through an authorized Hifiman distributer. Here is a link to their distributer list: http://hifiman.com/dealers
  13. Zoro
    Well....this is sucks.........
    Now I am stuck with a 500$ headphone with no warranty coverage what so ever..and with no customer service either[​IMG]
    Now I know why the Germans with thier headphones beat Hifiman in the market ...
    This is not good...
    Please guys tell me what to do ! I am waiting my headphone right now to arrive from amazon[​IMG] (This is my first hi-fi headphone)
  14. Usagi Contributor

    Stay calm. Just because you may have a headphone that doesn't qualify for warranty doesn't imply you will need such a warranty. Furthermore, if something goes wrong then HiFiMan may just charge you a fee to repair/replace your headphone.

    You may also consider a return as Amazon will take it back within 30 days. Then again, you could test the headphones and keep them if they work properly.

    As said earlier, they have customer service. They're just proving difficult to get on the phone due to employee illness per their statement.
  15. Zoro
    I hope the headphone works well because I love HE 400i alot and I hope there is no need for a repair or replacement .
    Amazon will cost me alot actually for ship it back because i am not from USA.
    Still, I tried so many times to contact Hifiman via email or phone number and no one response to me .The 400i is not cheap at all! so I expect way better support services from them.
    I consider this as a bad sign beside warranty of course 
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