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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. petezjunior
    I've run into some trouble with He-560 headphones over the past year. I've had to return the headphones multiple times due to the strange "popping" sounds in the drivers, scratches on the gimbals, etc. With the qc issues at Hifiman, I asked for a replacement but this time they said they will be giving me a refund on the headphones. A rep emailed me to return the headphones where I pay for shipping. Okay that's fair, but over the past several months I've had to pay an exorbitant amount of fees for shipping and wait quite a bit while I received my new pair. Now since I'm receiving a "refund," I shipped my cans yesterday and the company informed me today that they don't have the figures on how much I will be refunded. I'm pissed beyond belief now because they can technically say that they'll refund me half the price and I'll have lost the fees on shipping once again. This company has been driving me crazy but hopefully I can get the whole refund because they aren't replacing my cans. I thought customer service was plus for this company; I've had to deal with a myriad of issues in the short time I've had these.
    I received $767.54 because HiFiman complained that they had to ship my cans a few times. So, after PayPal's fees and HiFiman's "repeated shipments" of multiple defective headphones, I'm getting $150 less than what they promised me.
  2. jaimbo
    Hi, ordered something a few days ago and have not received an email saying it has been shipped, the current status is "Payment received. Waiting for shipping." I was wondering when I should expect the order to be shipped?
  3. Izawa

    There is problem with the right side of my He500. And the product has no more warranty.

    I stay in Singapore. Where can I buy the replacement driver for he500?
  4. Terja
    Have you ruled out other possibilities? For example, try a different cable if you have one, and if not, check for conductor continuity in the cable you have using a multimeter. Just my 0.02 but I'm sure TeamHifiman will chime in.
  5. JamesBr
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Good idea. Except he will have cut the plastic to expose the wire at some point ... not sure if its worth it
  6. Izawa

    Thanks man, I've checked it, The problem is voice coil on the membran is broke..
  7. Shawn71

    Hmm, that's pita.....strange,how cld possibly that go bad, as very common problem is the cable.
  8. Izawa

    I also hope that at the first time, I think bad luck on me..
  9. Terja
    P.S> You do not have to cut the cable to check for conduction continuity. Simply remove the cable from the headphone then check the cable to make sure there are no breaks. The connectors act as one end and the TRS of the cable as the other. To check connect a multimeter to (for example) the tip of the TRS and the other to the left side connector pin at the center. This checks the active left wire. Check the ground left wire by connecting one end of the multimeter to the TRS sleeve and the other to the left side connector nut (not the pin). This checks the left side ground wire.Repeat process for the right side of the cable except the first multimeter end starts at the TRS ring.
  10. ThurstonX
    Thought I'd add one note to all the good advice you've already received.  I damaged one of the drivers on my first pair of HE-500s.  I asked HFM if I could get a replacement driver, and was told that they don't sell them that way, but for around $130 (price may have changed since then), they would repair or replace them.  I ended up taking them up on that deal.
    That said, you should definitely follow the advice, above, if you've any doubt that the problem is with the driver.  In the end, you'd be best served contacting HFM customer support via email (see their web site @ head-direct.com).
    Good luck!
  11. Izawa

    yup, I've got the same answer. how you solve your driver then?
  12. Shawn71
    I guess he paid $130 to get it replaced.....
  13. ThurstonX
    Give that man (@Shawn71) a prize!
    Considering I was the one who caused the damage, and that I was the third owner, and that HFM let me upgrade my 4-month-old second pair of HE-500s to the HE-560s... it seemed silly not to take advantage of their offer, rather than let the damaged pair of HE-500s just sit there.  They were never going to sell me just one driver, and I got what amounts to a new pair.  I wonder what they did with the damaged cans... cannibalized them to refurbish some others, I reckon.
  14. Izawa

    Ups.. My bad :p. Thanks @Shawn71 @ThurstonX.

    Oya they also offered me to upgrade it to a new HE560 too. What I gonna need to do is just forward my receipt to HFM so they can evaluate the money I should pay for the upgrade. just like you said : "it seemed silly not to take advantage of their offer, rather than let the damaged pair of HE-500s just sit there.  They were never going to sell me just one driver" So I think I will upgrade it, Thanks again guys
  15. jmotyka
    I sent customer service an email twice. once yesterday and another today with no response. I need to have my shipping address changed to my business address. Now i goto the website to check my order status and the website is down. Im beyond angry right now!!!!
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