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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. Stealer
  2. ThurstonX
    Hey, HiFiMAN!  I got an email today about some rewards offer ("WANTED: For Buying And Loving HiFiMAN HE-560 or HE-400i").  The link:
    redirects to your Facebook page (hope I don't have to join Facebook; been there, done that, won't be happening again), BUT there's nothing there related to this email or any rewards offer.  So, wot's... uh the deal?  (<---- pardon the gratuitous Pink Floyd reference [​IMG]).
  3. TeamHiFiMAN
    you don't have to have a Facebook, other social network also works well.
    Just look at this:"2. You must post at least one picture of the headphone you purchased on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ before 10/15/2014, and your post must contain the keyword “ Hifiman” and the model of the headphone"
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  4. ThurstonX
    Got it, thanks.  My HE-560s were obtained directly, but via an upgrade for a defective pair of HE-500s that was just beyond the 90-day "upgrade" window.  If y'all will honor that (I have all the emails), I'll post a pic or two on Google+.  Is the deadline really "before October 15th"?  That seems a little rough, considering your Facebook page was updated fairly late on the 14th.  Also, do you have a Google+ .... what? Hangout?  Seems I'm pretty anti-social-media [​IMG]
    Let us know.
  5. hifimanrookie
    hi hifiman peeps....
    Now i see u here i wanna ask something:

    I have been a extremely loyal customer since the he500 came out, and defended ur products (also the hm602 i owned) with my life sometimes on some threads on headfi..lolz
    I owned almost all ur cans except for the he6 and he4..the he6 just because i got my hands on a very rare code-x (as u maybe know its a heavily modded new he5...never used), and its sounds better then any headphone I ever HEARD until now...totally different then a standard HE5,

    thats also the reason i am probably going to pass up on the he560 (had a modded he500 for years and loved that phone immensly) and go for the succesor of the he6 thats rumored to come out next year...or was it a succesor of the best headphone mr. Fang ever created..(.according to many): the electrostatic 'Jade'...???
    come on guys..lift the curtains a bit..some of ur competitors Are teasing us with all sorts of new prototypes TOTL headphones..one even with real carbon fibre in its headband...

    Give us a clue what we can expect... :wink:

    Thanks in advance people
  6. erikfreedom
    dear hifiman. I want to tell you that I love your stuff a lot. I own he-500, he-6 and ef-6 amplifier and I am very satisfied with all my stuff. but I am starting to wonder if you guys are ever gonna make a successor to the he-6. I know you are making new stuff all the time, but what about the hardcore hifiman enthusiasts? audeze is cranking new stuff all the time and they even have a new prototype that looks very incredible with carbon fiber.
    it's been an eternity that the he-6 has been released and while I think it is an incredible sounding headphone, it needs to be upgraded.
    you need to keep momentum guys, it is cool catering to your main audience with he400i and he-560 but the enthusiasts needs to be taken care too. we need something incredible and we need it sooner than later.
    I hope other enthusiast will tell you how they feel too.
    signed an hifiman enthusiast.
  7. hifimanrookie
    i agree..me being a hifiman enthousiast also
    thats why i posted just before u with same question..lets hope more do the same so u guys know we need a new totl headphone from hifiman :wink:
  8. ronu9400
    I have what is probably a 1st generation HE-300, because I have the 4-tab design earpad mounting mechanism; I've broken or bent at least one tab when I tried to take off the earpads a while ago. I have been planning to get new velour pads &/or Focus pads - probably from Head Direct, since they ship to Canada.

    Anyway, what I cannot seem to find out is whether or not I will be able to mount the "new" pads on my old earpad cups. I keep seeing posts that mention a "plastic ring", so it makes me think that I would need to get some adaptor or part that the 1st generation does not have. Where do I get that & what is it called, or is there a part # that I need to know?

    My main question is above. As a second question... does anyone have suggestion about which of the new Focus pads is the better choice for the HE-300's? I'll probably get the velour again, since the price is good and I'm ok with the comfort. However, since I'm probably paying for shipping, I'm considering getting a second earpad now & thinking that maybe I should try the Focus or Focus A. I do not listen to electronica, etc. - I'm too old for that; I'm listening to classical, jazz, some 70's-type rock.

    Thanks, Ron
  9. TeamHiFiMAN
    new pads fit your HE300
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  10. TeamHiFiMAN
    We never stop making new stuff[​IMG]
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. pauldgroot
    Hello TeamHiFIMAN,
    I just got my HE-560 in the mail just to find out it has a broken driver on the right side. It starts humming/rattling at low frequencies and some higher ones. I made a recording if you want to listen. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/03o9zmvq7ycdb21/he560.mp3?dl=0) Swapping the cables from left to right didn't solve anything. It's also not the baffle, grill or pads that rattle.
    I bought them from advancedmp3players.co.uk, I just talked to them and all they can do is offer me a refund because they don't sell the HE-560 anymore and I bought their last one. Please help me because I've been wanting to own a HE-560 for so long now! [​IMG] I hope you can arrange a replacement with me.
    PS: I've also sent an e-mail to customerservice@head-direct.com and customerservice@hifiman.com.
  12. Coval3ntBond
    When Hifiman launched a sale on Nov.5th and i purchased HM601LE+RE400 for only 649yuan(100usd), i thought i was lucky.But it turned out im not.
    Yesterday, i've got a phonecall from hifiman, saying that HM601 is out of stock, and asked me if i want refund. I remember clearly there is a lot in stock when i brought it, and it is a fair bargain i definitely NOT want to be refunded.Then comes the interesting part. I posted a thread on its official forum asking why, then the thread got deleted out of no reason.
    I visited other forums, and found out i'm not the only one. There are dozens sharing the same problem with me.
    So, hifiman, you were selling imaginary products? Did those HM601s just poped out of your mind and you thought:"I'm gonna sell it." Knowing perfectly well there is NOT enough in stock. And why you deleted my thread? To this point, may i venture an assumption, that you put out a sale to attract public attentions.It did work well,TOO WELL for your own profit. Then you changed your mind.
    And furthermore, the customer-service is the ****tiest i've ever seen.Not a word of apolopy, and when they asked me wheather to refund, it sounds like they're commanding me to refund.
    I'm still not refunded yet.Hifiman, i don give a **** to your apology.Here's my order No. 2014110541657. Just give my money back.
  13. pauldgroot
    Too bad you are having this bad experience, they have been very helpful to me with my HE-560 problem and are sending me a replacement whilst letting me send my defective unit back to where I bought it. Previously they have also been helpful in selling me a new RE-272 after it was discontinued. Most website have a disclaimer that if there was an error, they would have the right to cancel an offer. Don't know about Hifiman's website though.
  14. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi, i am investigating your experience, and i will give a satisfied answer.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  15. TeamHiFiMAN

    Hi Coval3ntBond,
    The truth is that we sold out the deeply discounted HM-601LE+RE400 combo set in a matter of minutes. We were totally shocked by the overwhelming demand. Just like you everyone wanted this set because of the extremely attractive price as well as the sound quality it provides.
    For people who is familiar with the "11.11" sale event in China it is just like the Black Friday sale in US but even more intensive. We do have program implemented in our web store to prevent the system from taking more orders than our stock allows. Unfortunately it just couldn't cope with the high demand. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience we caused.
    Anyway, we are working on refunding your purchase as quickly as possible.
    If you are still interested in this product, we do have a few sets reserved for Black Friday sale in US. Please check our US web store at www.head-direct.com in the next week or so.
    Hifiman Customer service team
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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