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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. hifimanrookie
    Any idea if u guys will ever go over to angled connectors (would help for people with short necks!) or mini xlr? (Ur connectors restrict the thickness of HIGH END headphone cables..mini xlr accepts 8wire cables at 18awg, as ur connectors maxes out at 4 wire at 18awg)

    Thanks peter!
  2. conquerator2

    The HE-560 uses ~20 degree angled connectors :wink:
  3. hifimanrookie
    GOOD!!!!!!! What took them so long :D and now the connectors so we can use really high end cables on our wonderful headphones..now we have to ask modders to put mini xlr on them.
  4. conquerator2

    Again, they are working on it.
    They said that they unfortunately won't be able to implement it in time for HE-560/400i but that the next headphones will have different connectors...

    You were sleeping through the whole thread, seriously. :D
  5. hifimanrookie
    Honestly..i never knew there was this thread.. So i never checked..but i will from now on..as i am for sure a customer for life with hifman..i believe they make the best headphones for what they cost..and i would buy a he6 if the code-x didnt cross my way..oh well..thats a hifiman also..a he5.. But a very special one.. :wink: And i can only thank hifiman for it making the he5 once..and luis (referencesounds) for making it almost perfect. :wink:
    Wouldn't mind trying one of the new to come (successor he6/jade 2) models out :wink: and put them to the test on my amp :cool:
  6. conquerator2

    So am I brother :beerchug:
    First the 6, now the 560 and later Jade II/6 successor. The price/performance is amazing!
  7. hifimanrookie
    And i had a hm602 once also...in my opinion still one of the better sounding daps around with its 'vintage' philips chip inside:wink: and for the price its almost unbeatable
  8. Fishwater
    Hey guys, I just received my new HE-400's from Hifiman & I'm pretty sure the left channel is off about 1-2 db from the right. It is ever so slight but it's there. I've tried different sources & amps but it's there. I'm trying to figure out the best way to confirm this & where to go from here. Other than that I absolutely love the sound I'm getting from them. So musical & enjoyable, I'm really a fan of the presentation.
  9. conquerator2

    Buy a cheap multimeter and measure the impedance. That's a cheap way too :wink:
  10. DaemonSire
    Any word yet on when the new HE560/HE400i pads will be available for purchase and price?  I can't wait to get a set of earpads for the HE500s
  11. Fishwater
    I own a multi meter, so can I measure the impedance on each side? How would I go about doing that?
  12. conquerator2
    Courtesy of CoiL, thank him for these great pictures :]
    I hope this should work for double entry headphones too :]
  13. Fishwater
    Interesting results, the driver impedance was the same value on each side but the cable impedance is off. The right channel measures .4 while the left measures .5, I have no idea what that says or proves other than there are two different values on the channels on the cable test. I think it would make sense to install the rt/sd cable connector on the left side of the driver & ;ft/sd on the rt/sd driver & see how it sounds. Make sense? If not there is the link that mentions a similar problem on the older units & tightening the driver is the cure. Seems like a risk on a brand new set of phones imo.
  14. Fishwater
    Many thanks to Conquerator2 & Coil, the problem is the cable. When I swap sides on the cable the lft/sd driver becomes the dominant driver. Looks like I need a new cable.
  15. ThurstonX
    Looks like HFM owes you a new cable.  You're in the right thread.
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