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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. Sniping
    I do believe that this isn't Hifiman's problem. I'd get a refund or something from the seller, he shouldn't be selling you things that don't even freaking work. 
    Edit: Did you try switching the the cable to see if the issue is actually coming from the headphones themselves?
  2. Highnoon
    I just got a PM back from the seller and he does not want to take the headphones back :/
    I'm not positive it's the driver, but I have tried switching the cable and that didn't help. The cable I have is just the stock one.
  3. Highnoon
    Unfortunately like I just said the seller is not willing to take the headphones back. I believe him that the headphones were working when he shipped them to me, so I guess they got messed up during shipping or something.
    I originally had the bad driver hooked up to the L channel, and couldn't hear anything out of the left. Then, I connected the R channel cable to the bad driver, and couldn't hear anything out of the right. To me, this is pretty definitive proof that the driver is the issue...
  4. dryvadeum

    Just open a paypal dispute and you should get your money back from the seller. It sound a bit shady to me.
  5. KT66
    Do you have the sellers address?
    I have ways of getting refunds from bad sellers!
  6. Highnoon
    I do have the seller's address, but unfortunately I'm past the 45 day range for a PayPal dispute. I was on a long trip abroad when I bought the headphones, they were shipped to me house and sat in the box for ~2 months since my trip was extended. I just listened to them for the first time this Wednesday.
    The seller is being helpful, so I will continue to seek help from HiFiMAN/Head-Direct. So far I have called HiFiMAN/Head-Direct about 10 times over the past two days AND sent them an email and have not received a response yet...
  7. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi, please ask for the original payment receipt of the HE-400 from the original owner. If it originally was purchased from us or our dealer within one year, it will be covered under warranty. Please send the payment receipt to customerservice@head-direct.com then.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. Highnoon
    Hi Eric, thanks for the reply.
    I have the original payment receipt from the original owner. I actually just received a call from a HiFiMAN customer service rep who provided me the return instructions for the headphones. The headphones were originally purchased on Nov. 10, 2012 so they are under warranty. I will be returning the headphones soon.
    Do you happen to know if warranty replacements are new or refurbished units?
  9. Yazen
    Wonder what response they will come up with [​IMG]
  10. Highnoon

    I'll let you know. Should be fairly easy to tell if its new or a refurb. I already sent the headphones off, should get my replacement within 2 weeks I think.
  11. Yazen
    Depends...  I don't want to elaborate until you actually receive them XD
    I hope you receive the best, you deserve it after the wait.
  12. Highnoon

    Uh oh... Now you're worrying me. Is it the replacent turnaround time or the quality of the replacement you are referring to?
  13. Yazen
    Well actually I was going to ask if it came in a retail box or not, which would likely determine whether or not you got a new unit :D
    I haven't gotten anything under the estimated turnaround time.  Right now as I'm typing my estimated date for my faulty Asus UX31A has been removed by their staff.  I was told my device turnaround would be expedited, 3-5 days.  It has been over a week....
    YMMV of course, my device was not exactly cheap lol.
    I'm sure you'll be treated better though, hifiman did not become a solid brand by treating their high end consumers poorly.
  14. kyoshiro
    Is your UX31A plagued by the Sandisk U100 SSD? lol 
    I've had my UX31E for a year now and it has come to the point where its impossible to do my work cuz of that darn SSD
    But yes, I am confident in hifiman, more so than Asus :)
  15. Yazen
    No, the keyboard backlighting is not plugged in, cooling issues, display has bleeding, and the system does not lay flat LOL!
    That is ASUS quality at its finest, I've received worse from them......
    I hope I don't catch the SSD plague (Sandisk as well) after the 3+ week RMA process D:
    That feel when you get a shiny toy and to your dismay is not functioning properly.  
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