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Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

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  1. jerg Contributor
    No no no, my question was aimed toward replacement of out-of-warranty units (that occur after the owner pays a fee, e.g. ~$80 to replace an out-of-warranty HE400); do those replacement units carry any warranty at all?
  2. elwappo99
    Hi Eric! 
    I have an early HE-6, purchased within the first few months of the release. The headband is starting to fall apart, and glue is coming off. Is this covered under warranty? Is there an easy way to replace the headband? 
  3. TeamHiFiMAN
    It depends on the situation, such as the using period and the exact problem of the unit. 
    Please rest assured that we will not put much emphasis on money. Providing better headphones and better service is our focus. 
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  4. TeamHiFiMAN
    The headband can be replaced. But not that easy. Please send a picture of your headphone and the payment receipt of your HE-6 to customerservice@gmail.com. 
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  5. Headphoner
    Many owners of the HE500 report that the point at which the cable connects to the phone is fragile and often breaks.  Has Hifiman fixed this problem?
  6. cheuh
    Hello Eric,
    Some owners of the HE-400 have reported that the HiFiMAN logo paint on the headphones fade off very easily. Others have reported that the cable connector to the headphones come loose on their own and get disconnected. Has HiFiMAN addressed these issues?
  7. jerg Contributor
    I dunno about others but I know early HE400s had very poor decals for the logos so it rubbed off easily, but later HE400s had more permanent decal paints used. And cable connectors do not get loose if you "pre-twist" the cable so that it doesn't have counterclockwise rotational elasticity after you screw on.
  8. kyoshiro
    mine pretty much came off in the first week of use :frowning2:
  9. cheuh
    Have they fixed this issue yet?
  10. TeamHiFiMAN
    We are doing research on the problem, and will give a reply asap. 
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. reinhard
    I also had that exact problem with my HE-500s -- one of the earpieces came off the headband; I got the screws back in (had to cut the fabric), but it did it again.  I sent it back to the retailer from whom I bought it (should I name names?) and they glued it together (??), and sent it back to me.  Of course, it happened again; this time said retailer agreed to send me another pair -- not a new pair, to my dismay, but another returned pair.  I had no choice but to accept this offer.  So far, the earpieces are staying on.  But really, this is a design issue: it makes no sense to attach the earpieces with screws going into plastic; this is a place that will always get some stress, just from taking the headphones off.
  12. jerg Contributor
    Yeah I concur, the extender/logo parts of Hifiman headphones is pretty much THE weakpoint of the current design. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be an all-metal assembly there. Honestly I'm tempted to just duct-tape the hell out of those joints so they never fall apart from the headband with the measly screws-in-plastic.
    And Eric, if you guys ever do revamp the design with regards to that, please allow us owners of the older versions to send our units in for replacement, or for you guys to update the units to the new designs. We are the ones giving you the constructive feedback, so I think we earned it.
  13. conquerator2
    Hi guys,
    I am an owner of the HE-6 currently.
    It's a second pair [the driver died in the first unit but the replacement process was flawless so no complains + kudos to you guys [​IMG]]
    The headphone is awesome, I will merely post suggestions to what could possibly be improved with the new HP [might have been posted before]
    Headband - could use a bit more padding [extending the HP a bit reduces the pressure in my case],the leather feels really nice though.
    Supporting yokes - no complaints, only the yokes/headband could be a bit more symmetrical [not because of the looks, but it slightly impacts comfort]
    it is not that bad, but it can't be completely remedied
    Plastic [L,R, logo] adjusters - no problems here but according to others is the breaking point/structural weakness, so should be metallic perhaps
    this point, I guess
    Cups - no complaints, could be probably metallic, really like the matte finish
    Pads - love the deep grayish velours [I believe they are discontinued now, but please offer a deeper variant than the current one ], leather could use improvement according to others
    thicker x thinner velour pads
    Connectors - XLR is the way to go probably, those SMA connectors are not ideal, generally speaking [troublesome installation, weak stress relief,...]
    XLRs here?
    Cable - fine with me, OCC [or OFC] is nice,  some issues with [OCC] cable oxidation according to some users though. The HE-5 [silver] cable was probably even better back then [it is the one I am currently using and love it], best would be probably silver coated copper if it wasn't too expensive but I don't really care about cable as long as it is relatively flexible and well made/sleeved.
    Package - Nice in my opinion, could use a plastic box I guess :D
    Those are just minor nitpicks, the SQ is awesome [almost flawless, save for a minor 7-8khz occasional emphasis], so only the build quality could use a little overhaul :]
    [You could read my favorable review here - http://www.head-fi.org/t/650912/hifiman-he-6-ultimate-review-write-up-3-2-13-updated-comfort-pads-and-sound-lows-mids-vocals-expanded ]
    RE-400 is awesome as well. Really love it [only nitpick is the cable, the right driver is starting to drop-out occasionally, so the internal cable wiring I guess, but it happens only rarely ] but I really love it. SQ for an IEM [+ just a 100 bucks] is simply superb.
    I really wanted to thank you for offering TOTL products with superb SQ, for a rather reasonable price.
    So this is not a complaint, merely suggestions. I am happy as could be right now :]
    Here is hoping for even bigger things to come in the future :] Just HiFiMAN from now on for me :]
    Cheers to you guys [​IMG]
    Looking forward to your next HP [RE-600, rumored Jade II, HE-600/7,...][​IMG]
    Kindest regards,
  14. TeamHiFiMAN
    Thank you for your support and the sincere suggestions. 
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  15. jsaliga
    I placed an order on Tuesday morning for a pair HE-400s and still don't know when I can expect my order to ship.  What is the typical turnaround for orders?  I don't necessarily expect my stuff right away, but I am disappointed that I still don't have a ship date after nearly four days of waiting.
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