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He500 microphonics

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blaalad12, Jun 4, 2013.
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  1. Blaalad12
    I have read the cable on the he500 causes alot of 'noise' which sounds like it could be quiet bothersome, any tips or advice on how to minimize this or fix this all together?
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    Fix it all together: get a new cable

    To minimize: I recommend coiling the the extra length and use only how much you need

  3. Blaalad12
    Any recommendations for a new cable?
  4. fabio-fi
  5. CJG888
    Toxic Cables OCC Silver. Much more flexible, doesn't kink or tangle and (most importantly) sounds significantly more detailed and open.
  6. GREQ
    Really depends how you use your headphones.
    I either sit at my computer or in a reclining chair - in both places I don't move my head around, so I never hear the cable rattling.
    In my case, getting a new cable is a complete waste of money.
  7. Blaalad12
    Ye likewise i will only be sitting back in a chair so wont be moving about but the cable will still rub off my clothes from time to time, ill see how bad the issue is when they arrive and i test them and if i cant deal with it i will then buy an aftermarket cable but def wouldnt spend much on one like some guys here
  8. fabio-fi
    Yes, you'll never know until you try it. 
  9. soundeffect
    Are the micro phonic issue that bad?
  10. Whitetriton
    I love my HE-500 headphones but I hated the microphonics caused by the stock cable.  I sit at my computer desk and listen to music.  I'm not jumping around but whenever the cables above the split would rub against themselves or my shirt, it would cause noise to travel up the cable.  It drove me nuts.  It got so bad that I dropped ~$60 on a replacement cable made of a more rubber like material.  I don't notice a difference in sound quality, but there are no more microphonics.  I am very pleased with the end result (although not impressed with Hifiman's stock cable for the price of these headphones).
  11. GREQ
    Noisiest cable (from movements) I've ever heard.
    My 2nd place noisiest cable award goes to my vintage Yamaha HP3.
  12. soundeffect
    I'm surprise as the only cables I heard that are noise are from my previous experience with in ear phones. Surprise hifiman are okay with this. I guess this is to cut cost.
  13. JohnSantana
    Yes, mine got microphonics issue as well with the stock white silver cable, I read in the forum that the solution was to get another cable with sleeve / shielded.

    can anyone please clarify if I'm wrong or correct
  14. GREQ
    That's is how you solve the problem permanently. 
  15. JohnSantana

    Thanks man, so the cable materials used is not making any difference I suppose.
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