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HE-500 + Lyr + Modi/E17

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by toinfinity, Feb 18, 2013.
  1. ToInfinity
    Many around Head-Fi hold the LYR and Bifrost in high regards for the HiFiMan series. I'm curious though, what do you all think about pairing the LYR with the Modi or the E17 (more budget friendly)? This brings up a couple of other questions as well:
    • By using a high quality amp (LYR), should I pair it with an equally valuable DAC (Bifrost), or is something of lower quality such as the E17 okay? In other words, does a cheap DAC hold back a good amp or vica-versa? 
    • Are DAC's useless without computers? Would I be able to reap any benefits by adding a DAC to the source --> amp --> headphone chain?
    I understand that the last question may be, in fact, dumb. Oh well, cheers! 
  2. Tsujigiri
    The DAC is the device that converts a digital signal to an analog one so it can be played be your headphones. People by DACs like these because the ones supplied with their computer are not very good. You need to connect it somehow to whatever is playing the music, and in most cases this would involve a USB plug. So it is more of a device you'd use with a computer, but there are some that are designed to connect with certain portable devices.

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