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HE-500 amplifier and maybe DAC

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by artemart, Apr 27, 2013.
  1. artemart
    First i like to thank for any one who reads this post and reply to it. As of right night i just want to get an amp that will give me a good sound out of my HE-500 and later on with in 6-12 month from now i will upgrade to a high end amp. I also understand that there are a lot of threads out there that are ask this same question, but in my case i got few different items that may make suggestions a bit different that they are in other threads.
    How i will connected my he-500:
    I will mainly will connect my he-500 to a laptop which is NP9150 which is a gaming laptop. Below you can see the system audio output for my laptop. This laptop has S/PDIF output in case there is a good amp that may require it over USB. I also own Astro mixamp pro if any one knows a good setup with that. As for the cost i would like it to be in $100 due this is a temporary amp but i can go up to about $200 range.
    NP9150 audio system output
    High Definition audio interface
    S/PDIF Digital output
    1 Built-in Microphone
    2 Built-in Speakers made by Onkyo
    1 Built-in Sub-Woofer
    External 7.1CH audio output supported by headphone, microphone, S/PDIF and Line-in Jack
    THX TruStudio Pro
  2. PredatorZ
    Audioengine D1 Premium 24-Bit Dac amp, this looks perfect for you, it appears to have a nice setup for pretty cheap. http://www.head-fi.org/products/audioengine-d1-premium-24-bit-dac
    Worth taking a look, the reviews here are pretty solid, and it appears to have the ability to drive headphones quite loud.
  3. GREQ
    Your comment sounds like you have no experience with any of this equipment and are basing your opinions on reviews you have read.
    Please refrain from doing this, as people come onto Headfi to ask EXPERIENCED everyday normal users about the equipment they own and love without worrying about websites and companies trying to please their sponsors with exaggerated reviews. 
    The best place to look for HE-500 amps are the main HE-500 threads where MANY amps and their synergies and preferences have already been discussed to oblivion. For example:
  4. Utopia
    I've had both the HE-500 and the Matrix M-Stage amp, although not at the same time. I think, however, that a used M-Stage would be a very good option. It performs well above what it's price tag suggests (it's in many ways a clone of a much more expensive Lehmann amp). You probably could use that for quite some time - and get a good DAC further down the road to go with it.
  5. Zashoomin
    It is a little over $200 with shipping and tax but the Schiit stack might be a good option. (magni and modi)  many people are happy with this.  If you look on the for sale forums you could probably find both for a little less than $200 in very good condition.  
  6. cucera
    +1 Matrix M-Stage used
  7. jono454
    That's a great start...haven't heard the magni/modi combo but a few guys over at the HE-500 thread are using that combo and think it sounds fantastic.
    I have the Bifrost/Lyr stack and think they pair wonderfully with the HE-500.
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  8. artemart
    hey guys sorry for not replying for so long. This was due to my laptop been broken and it needed to be fixed. I have also come up on some extra money and i will buy LCD2 and O2/ODAC combo instead of He-500. I would like to thank every one who looked and reply to this thread.
  9. davidsh
    Not sure about O2? There are mixed opinions...
    Unless you have a specific reason for choosing the LCD2 (preference, price etc.), I think you would be better off with a HE-500 and a proper amp/dac. Especially if you also would be okay with modding the pads.
    You could maybe even get the Lyr and Modi or something for the same price, looks amazing, should sound quite good too [​IMG]
  10. artemart
    The reason for choosing the LCD2 is due to my music preference, I hear that LCD2 sound is better with hip-hop, techno while he-500 excels better at different type of music.
  11. davidsh
    Ohh... I still think you would get more for the money with the HE-500 and better amping/DACing but that's me.. Especially if you mod the pads [​IMG]
    But do what you feel for...
  12. wes008
    This. It'll be possible to amp/dac the HE500 for $200, but you're not really taking it to the full. Jono's Bifrost/Lyr stack sounds like it's be good for the HE500 [​IMG]
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