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HE-500 amp suggestions for my price

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by tals, Jan 20, 2014.
  1. tals
    Hey guys.
    I've been reading all over the internet, and everyone seem to agree on the Schiit Lyr.
    Saying it's a good amp, decently priced and provides great quality for the money.
    If I would to reach a little bit further into my wallet, to say, up to $700~, what sort of improvement can I find over a Lyr?
    Thank you!
    *Currently using a Music Streamer II --> Little Dot Mk3*
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Try asking here.
  3. b0ssMax

    Used violectric v200 from the fs section?
    Only full sized amp i've used for the he500.
    Comparison was ef2a which didn't really maximize the he500.. I've read through the thread tal pointed out as well. It'll help a lot. There are lot of options there but majority had v200-he500 combo.
  4. StanD
    Quite frankly the HE-500's are not that difficult to drive. You can do well with an Asgard 2 and pocket some money.The Asgard 2 has less noise, distortion and better crosstalk figures. If you are set on tubes want to roll tubes, why not consider getting a 100% tube amp, not a hybrid. A good 100% tube amp that can drive low impedance cans will cost you.
    If you're set on tubes take a peek at the "Woo Audio WA6 SET Class A" amp and work your way up the price scale.
  5. jackwess
    The Soloist SL does a good job with the HE-500. The 2 watts of power are more than enough and can be found for less than $700 in the US.
    As opposed to the lyr, it can also handle low impedance high sensitivity headphones. 
  6. Sanlitun
    For most of last year I ran my HE-500s with the Lyr and in general I can't recommend it in the face of many other better options, especially if you are willing to spend $700. I found that the Lyr even with the best tubes rolled in limited the HE-500s, and they are capable of much more.
    I ended up with the Soloist and you can probably find a used one cheaply, or as mentioned above a new Soloist SL is in your price range. 
  7. tals

    Hey guys. Thanks for the reply.
    I've read somewhere that the Headamp GS-X is a good amplifier; any opinion on that, given it costs $700?
    If I can find a Soloist, used, for the same price as the Soloist SL, do I want to pick up the Soloist?
    Also, I've noticed they are solid state. In this kind of headphones, is SS better, compared to tube amps? I have semi-bad experience with tubes. They need replacing yearly and they give out a lot of hissing and random noises, along with the fact I need to let them warm up and cool downs every couple of hours.
    Is the sound difference big enough to have to "put up" with these faults?
  8. Radioking59
    The GS-X is $2800. $700 is a 1/4 deposit.
  9. tals
    So you say the Burson Soloist SL is a good, or a good enough (atleast better) amp than the Lyr?
  10. StanD
    They're both overkill for the HE-500's, as far as power goes. Any good SS amp with enough power, the right impedance and low distortion can deliver, look into the Asgard 2, I prefer a DC coupled SS amp, no output capacitors, hence the Asgard 2.
  11. tals
    I would preffer a little bit if an overkill just to be sure, and for future use.
    Which do you think is better, the Lyr or the Soloist SL?
  12. StanD
    Given the choice of the two, I'd go for the Burson. The overkill is not necessary, unless you're planning on getting an HE-6 or some other power hungry monster. Are you planning to play so loudly that you need that much power and overhead? If so, you won't be able to do so for long as you will only harm your hearing, not a good thing.
  13. tals
    Not as loud as to hurt my ears, but sometimes you just need a bit more.
    Is the Burson a good choice overall?
    Should i pay a bit less and get a brand new Lyr? I like the idea of the burson.
  14. StanD
    But how much more do you need if something already gives you more than enough? Are you planning on getting an HE-6? You do know that the Burson or a SS amp is clean as a whistle and the Lyr and similar add a touch of distortion. Perhaps you have to first decide if you want a clean amp or one that adds coloration. This is a matter of preference, I prefer clean, an amp that makes no changes to the sound. Perhaps you should first decide, Tubes or Solid State and then move onto finding the amp you want. Personally I think the Asgard 2 is just fine and you might put the savings towards some more gear. Perhaps a little reflection as to what motivates your process for choosing gear.
  15. tals

    I'm not sure about the future, but I want something that will be more future proof than the A2.
    Im not sure about the kind of amp I want, Ive never used a SS amp, and my little dot Mk3 isnt really good enough of an amp to be a deciding factor, when it comes to deciding between SS and tubes.
    I do know, tho, that tubes are more annoying to me.

    I'm not sure as to what sound I want. I want it to be fun to listen to, doesnt matter if its colored or not.
    If the difference is HUGE between the sound signature of SS vs. Tubes, im favor of the tubes, then I assume I'de like a tube amp.

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