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HE-500 Amp Suggestion

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by christophhh, Jun 3, 2013.
  1. christophhh
    I dig my Bitfrost, but I'm not sure on the Neuhaus amp... I can crank it up to full volume with the HE-500s and while at a nice loud level, it could certainly go louder. I feel like its not pushing the actuality of the headphones. Sounds pretty damn good to me.. but I bet it can get much better. 

    I've read around all the threads and it seems to be 50/50 that the Lyr is a great amp choice for the HE-500s.. I know it has more power than my current amp but I wonder if it will increase the quality significantly. I'd spend up to 1k on an amp for these phones
    Current setup:
    Schiit Bitfrost
    Neuahus T-2 Amp

  2. Happy Camper
    There are several lengthy threads concerning the 500s and amping experience. You really want to start another one? Look at the Emotiva speaker amp thread for the best value to performance. You will spend $200 or less and can buy yourself whatever you wish with the rest.


  3. fabio-fi
    Well, speaker amps have lots of power, but it also increase noise and distortion. 
    A good (and properly designed) headphone amp will provide excellent performance and a quieter background. 
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    [​IMG] can you prove your assertion?
  5. elwappo99
    In my short experience with speaker amps, I have found them to easily outperform headphone amplifiers in the same price. If you're running an orthodynamic headphone, I'd strongly consider a speaker amp over a headamp. 
  6. Case
    A couple of people have reported an audible noise floor on the HE-500 on Emotiva speaker amp thread when listening very loud and some are experimenting with resistors to fix it. YMMV depending on how loud you listen I guess.
  7. meyner
    i actually run my emotiva with the he-500 and i actually do hear a slight fuzzy noise on the back ground on zero volume. Its connected from my computer to a maverick D2 dac to emotiva to my phones with speaker tap adaptors. Sounds great but it does bother me sometimes. not sure if its normal that i have such sound though.

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