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Does anyone know whether the recently released Remastered Beatles CDs are in HDCD, or not.

I know that the remastering was done in 24/192 so I'm hoping that in time they might release these in SACD or DVD-Audio format, but in the meantime it's not inconcievable that the CDs are in HDCD format, is it ?

Anyone know ??

The limited USB stick edition in the tasty green apple packaging includes a set of 24-bit FLAC file versions (44.1KHZ) of all the albums.

On e.g. Amazon, search for "The Beatles (2009 Digital Remaster USB Version) [Box set] [Limited Edition]".

Hope this helps ....
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The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights
Mine is the UK/EU version, no indication of HDCD anywhere.
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Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (Remaster)
It is labeled on the back of the digipack.

The Grateful Dead Rhino remasters are covered in the original post. A strange exception is Hundred Year Hall, which I've posted about earlier. I now own the UK/EU Rhino remaster, and the back cover as well as the discs themselves bear the HDCD logo, but I've confirmed that they are not HDCD encoded.
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Not sure if it's been mentioned, but the Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler Private Investigations: Best of... showed up as HDCD.  Sounds nice.
It doesn't look like the list is being updated.  Anyone looking after this thread anymore?
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Not all CDs that are detected as HDCD by software or a DAC actually have useful HDCD features enabled.
For example, here's a Mark Knopfler CD I have that is detected as HDCD by dBpoweramp but doesn't have any useful HDCD features.  It probably only has the HDCD dithering and noise shaping with no other HDCD features.  The dithering is enough for it to be detected as HDCD.
Mark Knopfler: Shanagri-La
HDCD: peak extend: none, transient filter: none, gain: none
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Oops, my apologies. I didn't realize that "Rhino Remasters" covered all of their albums. I didn't know what it was, perhaps a box set of some kind. I'll pay attention next time.

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How can one tell what features of HDCD are being implemented?  dbpoweramp doesn't really show anything, and I'm using foobar's HDCD dsp to determine if it is HDCD.  Any better way?
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How can one tell what features of HDCD are being implemented?  dbpoweramp doesn't really show anything, and I'm using foobar's HDCD dsp to determine if it is HDCD.  Any better way?

I haven't used the Foobar HDCD dsp.  I believe though that it outputs some info to Foobar's console window.  It might say which HDCD features are present.
What I do is rip to a CUE using EAC then process the CUE file with CUETools.  CUETools has a setting to detect HDCD and optionally decode the HDCD to a 24-bit file.  If CUETools detects HDCD it will put a line in the log file about which HDCD features are present.
The software HDCD decoder that Foobar and CUETools and dBpoweramp use can only decode the peak extend and gain.  The software decoder cannot decode the special transient filters.  To take advantage of the transient filters you need a DAC that does HDCD decoding.  Peak extend is nice because it gives you back some dynamics.  Transient filters though are where some of the magic of HDCD is and we don't get that with software decoding.
When I find an HDCD I check to see which HDCD features it has.  If the disc only has transient filters there is no point in running it through the software HDCD decoder.  When I decode a disc I keep two versions.  One 16-bit version of the regular CD and one 24-bit version that got the HDCD software decode.

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