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HD800's with software EQ - Sounds good man!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by haveblue, Oct 23, 2010.
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  1. Saim
    Thinking about buying a pair of HD800s despite the need for EQ (by "system matching" or by digital/analog EQ)...
    Related to the discussion about the wrong vs not-wrong of digitally EQ:in your headphones and/or hifi-systems.
    Let me ask a rhetorical question: Do you think the studios EQ their hifi grade recordings (in digital domain)?
  2. seanak
    I'm wary of EQ'ing such an expensive pair of headphones. If they aren't to your liking, why not try something else?
  3. freedom01
    When you need to EQ a HD800, something along that sound chain is not working optimally.
    It's not meant to be EQed. The way you want to hear how music is reproduced in it's original form.
    Well, YMMV with your setup. You may fine-tune it further down the road.
  4. Saim
    Ok, I honestly haven't tried it in my chain yet (Benchmark DAC1 HDR), I'm just anticipating based on reviews/comments. The comments are usually very positive on resolution and imaging, but mention that they are light on base and have some tremble peaks.
    I'm just thinking that if I don't like the exact frequency response but love the resolution/imaging, I'm probably not gonna treat it as a deal breaker as it's possible to EQ.
    Of course, if other headphones for similar price have all the positive sides of the HD800 but not the potential negative frequency curve, then the choose is of course another headphone. :)
  5. seanak
    Of course studios use EQ. Digital or analog, it doesn't matter.
  6. seanak

    light on "bass", "treble" peaks
  7. plonter
    I don't think they EQ the monitors but the recorded sound.    It took a few listening sessions to get used to the HD800 sound but they sound perfect to my ears,the bass..treble..soundstage..just everything!   I actually afraid that the bass will get bigger with burn in :)   and I own only SS amps.    
  8. seanak

    They don't. EQ is used on the tracks themselves, monitors are meant to be completely neutral.
  9. Danz03
    Most monitors are neutral but unfortunately most listening environments aren't , so studios do EQ thier monitors, and most monitors have built in EQ and calibration system nowadays. Having said that, I'd rather not need to EQ my headphones if I don't have to.

  10. Saim
    Bought the hd800s and loving them from first night. Using a small eq dip at 6khz and don't see any reason not to. It sounds better to me and I don't hear any other differences.
    Im using the behringer deq2496 between my sonos and DAC1 HDR to do the eq.

  11. JvH26
    I have a pair of HD800's since a few weeks now, I have had a pair of Audeze EL-8s (open back) before and do own a pair of iSINE20s. I have to say I love the HD800's and have done the superdupont mod to them. People finding them too bright I can totally understand, although it doesn't bother me too much with most music, everyone saying it has too little bass I don't understand at all. I have tried EQ with the settings of Tyll of Innerfidelity but didn't really like the outcome. I can see it is "easier" to listen to, but is that what you should want from your HD800's? When I listen to music I don't want it to be "relaxing" or in the background, in that case I could also perfectly buy a pair of cheap headphones, but I want the music to be in my face!

    Wondering if anybody feels the same way.

    I am listening to the HD800's through my iFi Micro iDSD btw.
  12. Bern2
    I'm using Sonarworks for the HD800 (unmod) I also tried Tyll's EQ settings, but did not like th results...and I was not able to EQ on my own to my satisfaction. Sonarworks solved it for me.

    JvH26 likes this.
  13. JvH26
    What exactly did it solve? Does Sonarworks EQ automatically, I'm sorry don't know much about EQ-ing. Thanks!
  14. Bern2
    Headphone response is measured and EQ applied to flatten them out.

    You would have to remove your mod I would assume. Free trial period (Reference 4). Also a version coming for smartphones. (True-Fi).

  15. Meguerra
    I'm going to have try this one out.
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