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HD800s with a Singlepower amp?

  1. Happy Camper
    I was always impressed with the Sens and Singlepower. Are there any who've been using an SP amp with the HD-800s? I've ran them and the T-1s through my Extreme and was very impressed with the full sound. I was wondering how they sound on a MPX, Supra or Maestro?

    This thread is intended for those of us who still have a SP amp. To any new members, Singlepower was a ripoff and stole many members money without a product and built some shabby amps by design and part selection. But they also made some very good sounding amps for the day.

    Caveat noted.
  2. P+D-MI
    I'd comment, but I'm not allowed because I sold my supra :) I guess that says it all.  

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