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Hd800 + Wa22 + ? Help need recomendations

  1. David Chavez
    Need recommendations of what would be a nice dac to use with hd800 + wa22.  Price range for the dac is 600-2000 (wish to spend 1500 max but my budget does allow 2000 if its worth it).  Also if it pairs nice with Audeze lcd 2 r1 that would be nice but if not I'm willing to sell them and just use the hd800's.
  2. walls
    Well I uses Bifrost Über with my WA2 and it is a great pairing. If I had your rig and your budget I would shoot for the WOO DAC and be done. LOL!
  3. David Chavez
    I do like the bifrost but it doesn't do balanced out so I will feel like im not getting the most out of the wa22. The gungnir I've only tried with the mjolnir which is a amp im not a fan of. I could wait for the statement series to come up from schiit audio but that would be pushing to the top of my budget.
  4. David Chavez
    I'll have to look into the woo dac.

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