Hd650's vs dt990 pro's for reference use (mainly)
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Jun 22, 2009
Hey guys

I'm looking at buying a reasonable set of headphones for mixing home recordings and had whittled it down to the 650's and the 880's, eventually I decided on the 650's however I've just discovered a store with 990 pros for a good price. ive searched the forums on here and found a similar thread comparing the 650s with the 05 990s (not the pros) for music enjoyment sessions but I'm planning to use them mainly for reference. I mix a few different styles of music, mainly rock with electronic elements, soft piano and guitar based instrumental stuff and death and thrash metal. On another note can anybody recommend a reasonably priced amp and portable amp that would suit either set?

Thanks guys
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Mixing on Headphones - you should find this article in Sound On Sound magazine an interesting read before you make your final choice.

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