HD650's have made it impractical for me to buy speakers.
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Jun 28, 2001
I have used and owned numerous headsets, but primary have used my HD650's for 11 years straight. That is a very long time and I can't even begin to counts the hours I have burned in them. Now I was always in a living situation where having loud speakers or high end bookshelf speakers were not workable since I was renting.
Finally I am in a position where I can own speakers and not have to worry about disturbing other people. Well I have hit another roadblock. I auditioned a ton of speakers and realized that I would have to spend $4000.00 cdn to get a pair of speakers that can match the sonic quality of my HD650. Every speaker I listened to in the $1000-2500 prince range I can easily pick out the flaws. It seems in my head I keep comparing/measuring them up the the 650's. I should point out room acoustics are equally important. Speakers sound very different in a untreated room, something headphones are immune to since in themselves they are controlled acoustic chambers. 
Honestly using my 650's with OFYH sounds better than the speakers I temperately tried out in my room. I have come to realize how easily one forgets how good headphones sound once you become adjusted to them. Clearly I took this for granted. Another side effect with long term headphone use is the development of a critical ear. I find myself very anal when listening to speakers now. Without question it quite evident that I will also have to factor financially the cost of treating my room, cause as it stands the room I have has a negative sonic impact on the speaker's intended presentation.
Suffice to say it looks as if speakers might end up costing me more than I am willing to part with. Funny thing is I hear people telling me this speaker, or that speaker sounds amazing etc.... only to find out it that it's sound quality is at best borderline average. I've definitely heard phenomenal speakers but again there prices begin to start at $3800-6000 cdn. Way over my budget, and here I was thinking that a $1800.00 speaker was going to suffice.
Anyhow, just thought I would share my experience with you all, as i'm sure some of you have gone though a similar experience.

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