HD650 Upgrade?

  1. monjanger
    I have a Vali 2 and ModiMultibit, paired with the HD650's. I also have the HE-400I's and X2's, and would use the HD650's whenever I have proper amping, and X2's when I don't. From what I have heard, the DAC/AMP combination I have been using works great with most Sennheiser headphones, and I was curious if the HD800's would be a worthy upgrade as a daily driver. I would also be happy buying a few more pairs, like the HD600's and M1060's. Any recommendations would be great.
  2. ahmadfaizadnan
    HD800 is different than HD650. It's a great headphone but if you want a similar sound to hdd650, probably lcd-2c or focal elear
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  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Why do you want to upgrade? What about the sound of the HD650 do you want to improve/change and what do you want to retain?
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  4. Renato Fury
    Beyerdynamic Amiron Home.
  5. monjanger
    Sorry for the horribly late reply, just caught up in new years.
    I guess I just generally enjoy the sound signature. The impactful but not overwhelming bass, the imaging, and how smooth they are. I guess I want an upgrade, and from my what I have seen, the LCD-2s seem like the way to go if I wanted an all-around upgrade, but I was curious if the Vali 2 would pair well with these. Also, I have heard they are on the heavy side, with most saying they are uncomfortable because of this. This scares me as comfort is, in my opinion, the most important part of a headphone. The HD800's just seem appealing because I have read my AMP and DAC pair well with it, and they seem like comfortable, smooth headphones as well. Any advice/recommendations would be great.
  6. JoeDoe
    I think there are very few experienced owners that would use the word "smooth" to describe the HD800.

    I'd throw my hat into the LCD-2 camp as well. You also might look at the Hifiman HE500.
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  7. Me x3
    HD800 is nothing like HD650.
    It's kind of an improved crossbreed between DT880 and K702.

    Recent LCD-2C is supposed to be more comfortable than previous LCD-2.
    Both more along the lines of HD650's sound signature.

    Pricier Focal Clear should work very well too.
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  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Note you might enjoy the LCD-2C, which is basically a reissue of the first version, more than the LCD-2F, if you basically just want an HD650 that has a bit more deep bass response and wider soundstage.
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  9. JoeDoe
    What he said
  10. sheldaze
    Unless one is the kind to truly notice weight on their head (think more like wearing a helmet) the comfort of the LCD2C is fantastic. Switching to HD650 is okay, because lightweight. But wearing the LCD2C is like having on a nicely fitted dense pillow - the pads have more surface and the suspension strap is wonderful.

    Onto the sound - HD650 is slightly wider, but not as deep (soundstage). Neither headphone is rough - both have a smooth sound. But the LCD2C scoops out a little in the treble, and adds quite a bit more heft in the bass. As far as pairing with your Vali 2, it's okay - the LCD2C. I prefer the heft of the Magni 3. Vali 2 makes the bass a little less heavy, but also tries to add more to the treble. Never makes the LCD2C less smooth, but just does not seem to let it play to its best traits. Vali 2 is much more helpful in getting the HD650 to sing.
  11. monjanger
    The LCD 2C's are going for $600 right now, is that a good deal?
  12. sheldaze
    Good value I think - lots of fun too!

    Just trying to let people know it is not the same as the HD650, which can be fun and is great value. LCD2C has another sound that might interest someone instead of, or as a compliment to an HD6x0.
  13. Themordent
    Would be a good choice provided you know what you're getting into with the Audeze sound. As mentioned above, they're not quite like the Senns.

    I am also moved to +1 the Focal Clear. Nice, even-handed presentation although it lives in a higher price bracket (to be fair, you did say you wanted an "upgrade").
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  14. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you basically just want a slightly improved HD650 that overall sounds very much like the HD650 then there's no other headphone out there. Price is not as bad as when they were $1000 and the HD650 was $500.

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