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HD600 vs Fidelio x2

  1. Kairos123
    Hey guys, so, by the end of the year i want to upgrade my headphones, and i don't know which one to choose, Fidelio x2 or hd600.
    I used to like my m50s, then i bought the shp9500 for gaming and i didn't like for either gaming or music, i sold it, and in the end i bought an ad700x and i love it for music and gaming (except the sibilant highs). After using it when i tried listening to my m50 i just didn t liked anymore.

    I know that the x2 and hd600 have different sound signatures, but i actually don't know anymore if i like bass and sub bass with emphasis. Also, would my behringer umc22 handle well the hd600?

    Thanks for everyone and sorry for my english
  2. Me x3
    Fidelio X2 should give you a more fun presentation that's most likely closer to what you like about your M50s.
    HD600 are neutralish and relatively midcentric, so not a straight forward upgrade for someone who likes M50 very much.
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  3. trellus
    I agree with @Me x3 you are probably going to transition more easily to X2 than the 600. They have more bass than the AD700X, though, so if the only thing wrong with the AD700X to your ears is the highs, there is a chance you might find the X2 to have a little too much down low. The 600 is more neutral, but it will be underpowered by your Behringer UMC22.
  4. Kairos123
    So, after some time with ad700x when i stopped to listen my m50 again i didn`t really like the sound, but i think that happened because the mids that aren`t really present, this happens with the x2? And thanks for the reply
  5. Kairos123
    I see, i will probably go with the X2 then, and its cheapier than HD600 in my country, Thanks!
  6. ScareDe2
    Very interesting thread. The HD600 is often consider the masterpiece of Sennheiser when it comes to neutral sound. Even the HD800 is more criticized for having a treble peak.

    On the innerfidelity graph from the discord channel they show similar frequency response, the x2 has more bass extention and a more prominent peak at about 10khz. The Sennheiser has that infamous 3.5khz small hump that I have seen on many headphones graph. The 6khz dip is where the Harman target fails in my opinion. I think it should be read flat here. Many neutral HPs show a dip there. I think it is a mistake. So for me, both headphone read flat, except the bass extention of the x2 and its 10khz peak and the 3.5khz hump of the Hd600.


    By the way the harman target for bass is also a mistake, it is more a preference because people want more bass. The M50 is VERY neutral. More than the HD600 in my opinion.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  7. trellus
    Isn’t the reason people want more bass is that they get more bass from flat speakers due to room gain on the lower frequencies?
  8. Me x3
    The graph you've posted is not very accurate since M50 has more bass and sub-bass than HD600, both when it comes to subjective consensus and objective data from other third party measurements.
    There's a chance the seal wasn't fine when the frequency response measurement you've uploaded was performed. Or maybe that particular M50 wasn't representative for some reason.
  9. ScareDe2
    Maybe. Are you sure you talk about the M50 or M50x?
  10. buke9
    No it is from subwoofers.
  11. ScareDe2
    I read the same as you. But I think the bass target was boosted even further without objective reasons. They just wanted more bass. The result, bass heavy headphones look flat in that region thanks to that new target response. But anyway, it is still under research, nothing definitive yet. One thing is sure, that 6Khz region is problematic. All good headphones show a dip there with the harman target.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  12. Me x3
    Yes, of course.
    You can check Goldenears for example:

    Here's M50

    Here's HD600:
    You can see how mid-bass and sub-bass are both higher on the M50 relative to the HD600.

    Here you have a comparative graph like the one you've posted but from a russian site called Reference Audio Analyser.
    Link: M50 vs HD600 (In a similar way you can see how the M50 has more mid-bass and sub-bass than HD600.)

    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  13. ScareDe2
    Very interesting. I suspect Audio Technica have change their pads over years. There are now 8 perforations (ventilating holes) inside each pads now. Maybe that is causing the bass to decrease. Or maybe like you say, the measurement was not done properly by innerfidelity.
  14. buke9
    Why would a graph matter on how something sounds? I get it if you have no place to listen to them and are trying to find something that comes close to the sound signature your looking for as in bright , warm or V shaped or what have you but can’t tell you how they sound for you. Everyone hears things differently . Also with your signature as being a neutralist I’ve made music since I was 8 or 9 and it is not about the sound it is about the story and feeling.
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  15. ScareDe2
    I disagree. Everyone hear the same because the brain equalizes your sound sensitivity to neutral. Healthy persons not too old hear the exact same unless they have advanced hearing loss or brain problem. And, the sound mixing is more important than the music itself. You can be a musician with great feel and talent, if you don't have a good sound, find a new job. Also, lyrics are so unimportant.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018

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