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HD598SR vs DT990 vs AKG 7XX

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by MrB1989, Jan 10, 2018.
  1. MrB1989
    which headphones are better for Call of Duty/FPS gaming?
  2. NoisyNeighbour
    Any of these will serve you well for gaming in general, not only fps. Do you have other headphones already and you're planning to buy one of these for gaming specifically? Depending on if/what you already have you may not have to spend more on "better for gaming headphones". Decent headphones will do just fine for gaming.
  3. MrB1989
    I have several gaming headsets. I originally started with astro a40's (only open back headset) I've owned. Then I went on to multiple Siberia V2's, a pair of Razer Kraken that I now use only for music (they were terrible for gaming), and now I have some Sennheiser G4me zeros. I've been told that open back headphones are better for gaming so I was looking to invest in some.
  4. NoisyNeighbour
    I thinks it's safe to presume that the vast majority of "gaming headsets" are not very good headphones. As I said, any of the three you mention would serve you very well for any of your audio needs, be it gaming, music or multimedia. Open back headphones are recommended because soundstage is associated with it, I guess. Any headphone that has decent soundstage/imaging would make for an enjoyable gaming session.
    You could also consider a pair of Hifiman he-400i, which go at a great price these days and that will do great!

    EDIT: Even better, Philips SHP9500 would be great and fairly cheap (45-70$)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  5. ibage
    I would suggest buying a decent sound card. Those run cheap, as you can get a decent one for $30. Beyond that, the HD559 or 579 are decent and cheap. They lack in bass, so the DT990 is an option if you want more immersion. The tradeoff is, to me, losing some positional accuracy for more bass. I personally love the 990 for XBox. The HD555 served me well for gaming until I snagged the HD700.
  6. PurpelHayzd
    I've noticed that the Hifiman HE-400i pop up alot for gaming, how would you compare them too AKG k712. just like op i'm in the hunt for a quality cans

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