HD598 vs. Q701 vs. DT880 -- classical and jazz

  1. JHW
    This forum is a great resource. Thanks in advance for all advice.

    I am looking to upgrade my headphones. I currently have a Grado SR60 set, and find that I like the "spaciousness" of the open-back sound. However, I find them fairly uncomfortable.

    Within my budget range on the local second-hand market, I am looking at the Sennheiser HD598, AKG Q701, or possibly the Beyerdynamic DT880.

    Given that (a) I listen primarily to classical and jazz, (b) I would like to avoid using a separate headphone amp, and (c) I need the headphones to be very comfortable, is there anything to specifically recommend one of these sets of headphones vs. another? Are there other models that I should be looking at as well?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
  3. JHW
    ^ Thanks very much for that info. How would you rate them on comfort for long-term listening?
  4. serman005
    Of those you list, the HD598 is really the only one that meets all your criteria. Very comfy. As mentioned by @PurpleAngel, the other two really need an amp.
  5. PointyFox
    Sennheiser HD598 sounds muffled. The Q701 is uncomfortable due to the bumps on the headband.
    Get either a K7XX or a HD58X. If you get enough volume with them, which you probably will, you won't need an amp.

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