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Hd598 upgrade

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by frosty3258, Nov 18, 2013.
  1. Frosty3258
    Hey I have the hd598's and think they really are a great can. However I am looking for an upgrade. Would like something with an excellent sound stage, and flat. No silibance, great extension for around 1k. To be a little more spicific, I listened to the denon d600 and thought they sounded congested only because I got used to an open can I assume. Would like better low extension than the 598 but I enjoy vocals the most out of music. I like sparkly treble. And mostly listen to 70's and female vocals but need something that can rock out as well... Sorry i did not word that the best, and it is a pretty steep order
  2. Lumos
    Not definitely HD600 HD650 in this case. 
  3. Deni5
    A used HD800 would fit you perfect from that description. But for it to reach full potential you would need to use a powerful amp so total price would be upped a great deal. HD700 is also a next step up from the HD598 - overall much better but you might experience sibilance with it as its treble is very forward (depends a little what you use as a source). You also might enjoy a HD600, IMHO I see it as the better headphone compared to HD598 as it is very neutral. But it doesn't have the soundstage of the 598 if that is important.
    In the closed headphones category I prefer Denon AH-D7000 (even over D7100). Seems you like slightly V shaped/close to neutral sound signature. Denon has that to some extent but as you said (in other words) their mids are not very forward and it is somewhat easy to detect when doing A/B comparing.
  4. Frosty3258

    Hey thanks. I can see how you got the slightly v shape sig from my description but vocals are actually the most important part for me and really, I guess I am looking for a 598 with more low end extension, and A slight more punch or presents. I could sacrifice some sound stage though I enjoy it. forvocals alone what would a good can to look at be?
  5. Frosty3258
    Oh and do you know how tubes tend to pair with the hd800? I have a ha540, which would give power to spare though I would later upgrade.
  6. Deni5
    Have only used SS amps with HD-800, but many recommend tube amps for it. Check out the Schiit Vali amp (a cheap tube amp not out yet) as it should be a great match with HD-800. I use ODAC as a dac. For the price it's amazing and the detail retrieval is awesome.
  7. Frosty3258
    Alright thanks, it will be quite some time before I upgrade but I will have to see how my amp does with them I figured I would need more expensive gear to give them full respect

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