HD580s to HD650s
Mar 6, 2008 at 1:53 PM Post #2 of 2
You will absolutely notice the difference.

The HD650s are much darker and smoother with great bass impact, and rich mids. If you prefer that type of sound, you'll love them.

However, if you like the bright, detailed sound of the HD580s (especially if deveiled with a good cable), then you may find the HD650s too dark for you.

They will open up, speed up, sound much brighter, and more detailed - much like the HD580/600s with the right source and amp (e.g. Monarchy M24 and DV332, etc.), or reportedly in a balanced set up.

With the right set up and fully burnt in - they're among the best. I've never heard them with your set up - though, I would think they'd sound good with the Meier amps. But... you have to be prepared to make the investment, if they don't synch with your set up.

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