HD580 vs DT880 ?
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I currently have the Beyerdynamic DT880 and I'm most of the time satisfied with these headphones but I'd like to have your opinions about how the HD580 (With HD600 grills and HD650 cable.) can be compared to the DT880 ?

The type of music that I listen is Prog-Metal. (Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Dream Theater, etc.)

I'm asking this question because since they are still available for $170 on ebay, I might purchase the HD580 to complement my DT800. Would it be a good decision or just a complete waster of money ?

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Please forget my question, I'm now listening the album Stupid Dream of Porcupine Tree with my DT880 and the Little Dot MKIII amp and honestly I don't see how I would be able to improve this sound.

My quest for the best Headphones in the world is now OVER...I hope

Update 08-04-15 : I have found something even better than the DT880 : Grado RS-1 & Ultrasone ALO-780
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Originally Posted by pfillion /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Please forget my question, I'm listening Porcupine Tree's Stupid Dream right now with my DT880 + Little Dot MKIII and honestly I don't see how I would be able to improve the sound.

My quest for the best Headphones in the world is now OVER...I hope

The "problem" with having several headphones is that it's easy to lose the transparency. You will end up not knowing what the music "really" sounds like. That's my case now. When I only had one, I could focus on the music and different sounds within the music. Now with more headphones, I end up switching between phones and don't really know how I want the songs to sound today.

With only one headphone, you will learn the sound of that headphone and just focus on the music. I'm having a hard time to decide If I should sell every headphone without one (dt880 will probably stay) or if I should buy more (RS1, RS2, HD650).

EDIT: Just realised that I was completely off topic sorry.
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I have both pairs at home now - the HD600's from my friend, and now I understand why professionals don't appear in Senns but Beyerdynamics or AKGs. The Senn's sound is pleasant, alluring and warm but not so life-like and realistic like that of the DT880's. Moving to the HD600's you won't improve a single thing, you'll just make it different, more specific.
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I have the DT880's and the HD580's w/ hd600 grills (but stock cable). For the kind of music you're talking about (or really any kind, imo) the 880 is leagues above the 580. My 580's have gotten such little use in the last year since I got my DT880, it's kind of sad.

If you're just looking for variety in sound, sure, go for it. But if you're looking for a better experience with that sort of music, i'd have to suggest looking at the RS2/RS1/etc from Grado or maybe some high end AudioTechnicas and what have you.
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The HD580/HD600 is somewhere between downgrade and sidestep from the DT880 IMO. If the DT880 lacks passion for rock, a Grado/Alessandro-beast or a W5K (provided it suits) is the way to go IMO. Maybe also the AD2K, if you can stand shrill upper mids.
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Thanks guys.

For the next weeks, I have decided to focus on experimenting with different kind of tubes for my MKIII, I have bought the Mullards M8161 last week and I expect to receive them on Monday. I can't wait to see how those tubes will improve the sound with my DT880.

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you're comparing headphones in different leagues/price brackets. the dt880s usually compete with/are compared to the hd650s.

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