HD555 or MS-1
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Jan 21, 2006
Hey, I'm kinda having a mind block right now. I'm going to get the PA2v2 simply because of the support that Gary provides, plus I want an amp ^_^ However, when it comes down to the headphones, this is where i'm lost. I have a gaming headset called the Icemat Siberia. I'm thinking about either getting the HD555(all around-gaming/music/portable with amp) for $112, the Alessandro MS-1s(heard it's the best for rock) for $99, the Audio Technica A500(amazing soundstage which makes it great for gaming) for $107, or any other cans you can suggest. However, since I already have a gaming headset, I really doubt that i'm going to need headphones that do more than decent with gaming. So that leaves headphones to suit my musical taste. As far as open and closed goes, my Siberias are open ear, and it doesn't bother me one bit except for it leaks the sound of my computer fans in and when my family yells. However, I don't want to feel like that music is trapped in and it creates sort of a dizzying effect, for lack of better terms. I'm not looking for a cheap pair of headphones, and i really look for audiophile cans right now. As far as music goes, I like rock/rap/hip-hop/trance/metal, but I do want a comfortable pair of headphones. I've heard that the MS-1's brightness and lack of comfort "scare" people away.
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Dec 4, 2005
Well i had the hd555 but found it boring,I had the sr60 but found it too harsh and i now have the dt990 with PA2V2 and I find it best of them all.Excellent detailed sound with no real harshness and great bass.Good for all music types.Hd555 is not good for rock.Sr60 was too uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time but great with rock if you dont get a headache.

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