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HD414 pads on PX100-ii - how will the SQ change? Newbie needing help...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cieran, Dec 29, 2011.
  1. Cieran
    Just taken my first tentative steps into the world of decent headphones as I have just purchased some Senn PX100's. They sound really good compared to what I am used to (Sony MDR-V150 rust buckets!) but I can't get used to the open design - I miss the feeling of being fully immersed in the music.
    I am unsure whether to take them back and get some Sennheiser HD202's or keep the PX100's and order some HD414 pads.  I've had a look around the Head-Fi forums where plenty of people seem to have replaced the stock pads with 414's, but I can't find much information about their effect on SQ. Would they give me more of a immersive, closed back feel or am I just asking too much?
    I am mainly intending to use them at home so portability isn't neccessary and I know that open sounds better than closed so what would the wonderful people of Head-Fi suggest? :D
    Really appreciate any help with this matter. Thanks
  2. Cieran
    I'm so tempted to take these back and get the HD202's unless someone can persuade me otherwise....
  3. tribestros
    I didn't like the PX100 at all, even with the 414 pads.  I sold them.  They were too airy.  Open headphones should immerse you in the music and not seem like you are standing in an empty concert hall at the back of the room, but the PX100 always have for me.  I'd say take them back and look on the net for a good deal on the Sennheiser HD428.  GREAT headphones for the price.  They're a bit inefficient though, so unless you are amping them, they aren't very loud.
  4. Cieran
    Thanks for letting me know - as much as I liked them I also found them quite airy.
    Like the look of the HD428's but I think I will take a punt on the HD202 as they are in my budget.

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