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HD25-1 II vs IE8i

  1. GWagon
    Hello guys,
    I'm totally stumped on which phone to pick.
    I will be using these to and from University and at home. Has anyone owned both? If so, which is better sounding? Are cans much more of a hassle to carry around than IEMs? 
    I like to listen to HipHop/R&B, with a bit of Pop/Rock, so bass is pretty important to me and I want something more fun sounding and engaging than clinical.
    I can get the ie8i's for around £200 while the HD25-1 II come in at around £140.
    So if you have had the experience of both which would you recommend, taking into account my preferences?
  2. GWagon
  3. sjondenon
    The IE8 is the best if you want a relaxed and fun sounding in ear. Don't have any experience with the HD25...
  4. Zalithian
    Having owned the HD25 and the IE8, I would definitely go for the IE8 for what you want. Also, IEMS are so much easier to transport than headphones. Just get a different case though, as the IE8 case is pretty but impractical for normal everyday transport.
  5. Hawaiiancerveza
    I had both and the IE8 is more portable and the bass is slightly adjustable.  I preferred the IE8 over the HD25.  Only problem I had with them was the seal.  The HD-25 doesn't have the bass that the IE8 has and doesn't have much low end.  It is punchy though.  Its up to you what you want to get.  Good luck!
  6. Zalithian
    If you do get the IE8's, give them plenty of burn in before making a final judgement. I owned two pairs, and both sounded pretty bad out of the box.
  7. GWagon
    So the ie8's seem to be the better phone? Could someone give pros and cons of each, I'd be grateful.
    If I were to go for the ie8's, would it be worth it to wait until the ie-80's come out?
  8. maguire
    I know this is a bit cheeky of me, but i have a pair  that i dont need anymore as i have customs coming.
    Let them go for 200 USD .....pm me if your interested?
  9. Zalithian
    IE8 Pros:

    Big headstage/soundstaging
    Tons of bass
    Relaxing but engaging sound
    Easily portable


    Not the clearest earphones you can buy in terms of clarity
    Shallow insertion, don't isolate very well
    Require a substantial burn in to sound their best



    Good clarity
    Portable as far as full sized go because of their high build quality

    Possible sibilance
    Pretty sterile sounding compared to the IE8
    Not as portable as IEMS
    I found them pretty uncomfortable for extended use

    I would maybe wait for the IE80's. Supposedly they improve on the IE8 according to the only person I know who has heard both. I don't know how cheap you'll be able to get them for, though.
  10. GWagon


    It's pretty weird hearing that an IEM has better soundstage than a full sized can. It's just that I've heard amazing things about the HD25's, I thought that making a saving of £60 would be better. But I guess the IE8's are worth that much extra.
    I've just ordered the HD25-1 ii's, just to see if they are enough for my needs. If not then I'll return them and wait for the IE 80's to come out. I looked through the IE 80 thread, and apparently they have little improvements in every area making the IE8's sound relatively veiled. Let's hope they don't up the price too much.
  11. Gilly87

    IE8 or IE8i?

  12. maguire
    They were IE8.....But now gone.
  13. ImperialX
    Now comes the question of whether you want the IE80 or the HD25...

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