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hd 660 s vs hd 6xx


HD 660 s vs HD 650

  1. HD 660 s

  2. HD 650

  1. Aymenh265
    I got them each for $200. I'm just now getting into headphones I have and jds 02 amp and DAC. which of the two have a better overall sound? I listen to rap and hip hop and game a lot. To me, they sound the same so i want someone who knows headphones to help make a decision for me as I need to sell one of them and don't want to sell the wrong one. ignoring both retail prices. If they costed the same which of the two are better?

    Please no bias. Not trying to be rude but I just want no BS. Would appreciate if you heard both headphones
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  2. WildStyle-R11
    If you game a lot, pick up a good competitive FPS and try them both, to see which one has the best directional audio for you. Everything is personal and nobody should tell you which one is better. I haven't heard the HD 650, but trough all the headphones that are good for games I found that 660S is really good for games, but even then I had to upgrade because I couldn't handle the in your face sound signature. And now I have LCD2C which aren't bad for games, but they aren't as good. However I can now chill and listen to music in the evening without wanting to trow them off. As I said everything in this hobby is personal, so just spend some time to get to know your stuff and sooner or later you will have a winner, because those two headphones are not the same.
  3. Aymenh265
    Do you think that the 660 s were made just to make money? since they are using hd 700 drivers and mark it as 6 series to make more money?
  4. WildStyle-R11
    Well everything is made to make money. The sound quality is comparable to other headphones priced the same like the DT 1990 among others. From what I have heard the 660 is "best of both worlds" between 600 and 650 add a more modern color scheme that doesn't look like a kitchen counter top and you got a new headphones in your line. Is it over priced? Maybe, but I think most of the headphones in that price bracket are somewhat overpriced and then if you look at 20 year old headphones like the 600 and 650, they do feel a bit pricey. Regardless of what the 660 may be, it sits proudly among it's competitors, as it can perform equal to them. Now, if you like them or not is a different matter.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If they sound the same to you then might as well sell the HD650. It's a higher sensitivity headphone but at higher impedance; HD660S is lower impedance that came at the cost of some of the sensitivity. Otherwise the response is similar enough, which means effectively the differences will come down to amplification. If you can't hear any difference with your O2 then might as well keep the newer headphone.
  6. Aymenh265
    yeah i guess it also looks nicer lol
  7. buke9
    Wait a minute you have both and want to know which sounds better am I right ?
  8. grae313
    If they sound the same to you why not sell the one (660S) that makes you more money? People can tell you the 660S is better for XYZ reasons but if you can't discern the difference then those reasons aren't better than $$ in your pocket.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
    serman005 likes this.
  9. Aymenh265
    idc about money
  10. Aymenh265
    im not a pro listener lol
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Well even the pros didn't find much difference when they measured the response on both. It comes down to amplification options.

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