HD 650s - As New - price includes up to $30 max for shipping
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May 9, 2011
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The price will include shipping up to $30 which I think would cover most head-fi members in Canada and the US, or at least a big chunk of the shipping. I purchased these new last year and they have maybe, and I mean maybe 100 hours on them if that. As I mentioned in another classified ad of mine here, I actually get very little listening time at all and that is why the hours are so low on these. They are literally as new with not a blemish on them, and there is absolutely no technical issue with them at all. They are full on mint. I have the original packaging and everything that came with them. These are the newer drivers that arre supposed to not sound as veiled as the previous models were reputed to sound. Personally I liked how the treble was presented on the 650 as I felt you lost so little beyond the edge where most albums tend to suffer from too much treble anyway, but that of course is subjective.
Like my 880s which are being sold, these would be kept if I could afford it, they have a very special sound and I suspect I'll regret parting with them, but I want to try another sound signature which is costly (Denon D7000) so I have to part with two wonderful headphones to make this happen. My home is smoke free, these were treated so nicely and kept safely in my music cabinet. I will send pictures if you request them, but as I don't have any photo editing software on this system I haven't already done so. I will take pictures for you if you request, but again I will say, these are completely mint, and I would not risk my head-fi reputation by misrepresenting anything I sell here. I intend to be around for years to come so I do not ******** people just to make a sale. This is a great chance to get this fantastic sound signature into your home saving money on retail and the tax you would pay on retail. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks for the interest.
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