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HD 650 SOLD.

  1. Palpatine
    HD 650 are sold. Thanks to the many of you who were interested in these.
  2. rx79ez08
    Hi, I am interested.  Can you post some pictures?
  3. Palpatine
    I don't want to make is sound like an excuse, but I am really a techno-newb ( look at the formatting of my signature ). I could take a picture and email it to you when I get a chance, but I have no idea how to post pics on this site. I will learn someday.  :  )
    They are in fab condition, I promise.
  4. matthewh133
  5. mralexosborn


    I would have bought these in less than a heartbeat if I hadn't gotten my Grado's...
  6. Trysaeder
    About 60% of the way across the this place that you type words in, there's an 'insert image' button.
    I'm interested.
  7. zhengwy
    interesting price.
  8. CTTwist
    I am interested in buying your HD 650. I am living in Malaysia, is it possible that we can make the deal?
    Please drop me a mail to wkh_united@hotmail.com

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