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HD 600 with full system for Sale DragonFly and Schiitt Vali all wires

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by guerillaw, Jul 15, 2015.
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  1. guerillaw
    For Sale
    I have a like new pair of Sennheiser HD 600 to sell. 
    I purchased them new this yea in April but they have not been put to much use due to a change in work and family circumstances. They are registered and eligible for full warranty repair if the need should arise.
    For convenience's sake I will ONLY sell them with my full system
    Schiit Valil-- Less than 100 hours. Blemish free
    Audioquest Dragonfly v.2 with dragon tail attachment
    Blue Jeans cable, mini to RCA to connect dragonfly to Vali
    This is an excellent deal on a full working system. I love the sound but just do not use it enough. Price is more than fair and pretty firm (meaning will be flexible for local pick-up in los angeles or cheaper shipping within CA etc. ). Serious buyers will get detailed pics quickly emailed on request
    399 paypal. no fees. no shipping. no lowballs. 
    My apologies, apparently, I was unclear about the price being firm. I am selling equipment in excellent condition (especially the headphones which have less than 50 hours from an April 2015 purchase) retailing for over $600 and going used regularly for $500 or so. I am not charging shipping or fees so the price is more than fair. It is flexible insofar as I will meet someone locally in Los Angeles for less, or maybe chip a bit off for close shipping, say San Francisco. I hope this helps shoppers. 
  2. Mozhoven
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