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HD 600 or 650?

  1. ls13coco
    Hey all, so I've been researching the differences yet still would like more input.
    Currently, I have the HD 598, HE400i and a 712 Pro showing up tomorrow hopefully, though it was supposed to show up last month too.. lol.

    I'm using a Creative X7 as an amp/dac and ordered 4 new op-amps, and have a Little Dot 1+ on the way with M8100 tubes and a op-amp upgrade.

    I game a lot, and watch a movie every 1-3 days. I've also started listening to music WAY more again since I got my first pair of proper HP's.
    Currently, the HE400i are my music/movie HP's while the 598's are for my gaming. I expect the 712 to replace the 598's for gaming, maybe even for movies and some music.
    So then I plan to sell the 598's and go with the 600 or 650 (or of course the 6xx on massdrop).

    Any input from people who own either both the 600 and 650, or one of those two Sen's and one or more of the HP's I own would be greatly appreciated.
  2. HipHopScribe
    They're very similar headphones, I don't think you can go wrong with either. I own the 6XX (which are the 650s) right now, and I previous owned the 600s, but there was no overlap so I can't claim a head-to-head comparison. The 650s have more bass presence and the treble is more laid back than the 600s from what I remember. The 600s are closer to "neutral". In terms of actual detail, soundstage, imaging, etc., I don't think there's much difference. 
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  3. ls13coco

    Have you used the 6xx with both a solid-state and tube amp by chance?
  4. HipHopScribe
    Only solid state
  5. ls13coco

    Thanks for your help man, sounds like I should maybe wait for the 6xx or a sale on the 650.
    The treble being laid back is a big part in that, as it seems the he400i and 712 pro can be a little.. sibilant I think is the terminology around here?
  6. 41Venom14
    Just toss my .02 in here. I've never gotten a chance to listen to the 600s but I like you had to choose between the two. After many hours of research, I figured the 650s would be more my style.
    I rock the HD650s with the DarkVoice (tube amp) and solid state. With solid state the treble can still fatigue after awhile, but its mind blowingly good. The 600s have less sound stage, more up in your face sound, with the neutralness as others have stated.
    The 650s are a bit warmer, slightly increased sound stage, and absolutely phenomenal. Either choice you can't go wrong, but I'm partial to the 650s. 
    If you ever get the chance to run tubes, the 650s just become that much better. The DarkVoice tames the highs just a touch, pulls them down and with the right tubes, you can bring out a bassier version of the 650s. Won't blow your socks off kinda bass, but you can definitely increase it. These headphones are just a must have, 600 or 650, they should just be a requirement in any setup. 
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  7. music4mhell
    I have my HD650 from last 1 year.
    I was always fascinated about HD600. Luckily, few days back one of my friend brought the HD6600 and i compare both side by side.
    Both have almost same sound signature. But i will prefer HD650, because in HD600 the bass is very low and the Mids are dry, not so musical to me.
    I was about to order HD600, but now i will skip it.
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  8. ls13coco

    Thanks for the info!
    Regarding in your face sound, indeed the he400I does that quite well. It literally feels to me as if vocals are inside my head, while instruments are separated around me.
    For that reason, I believe the 650 would be winning a point as I feel the he400I do the in your face sound already.

    On the tube amps, I almost bought the Darkvoice on MD last week.
    I instead ordered the Little Dot 1+ as all of my headphones are low impedance, and it seems low impedance misses out when matched with a OTL amp from all I've heard.

    I ordered a very highly rated warm tube set for the 1+, the Millard m8100, so I imagine that should pair well for a tubey sound as well.

    Seems I'm definitely leaning 650/6xx now, thanks everyone.
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  9. Music freak
    If you want a mid tier headphone for both gaming and music , then the K712's are almost perfect for you. They can sound sound beautiful for music as well as wide enough for gaming.
    HD 650s are more musical, but their soundstage is not that great for gaming especially compared to the K712's. The K712's are a bit better than the HD 650s technically.
    If you listen to music more than gaming, then go for the HD 600 series, or if you game more than you listen to music, then go for the K712's. If you want an all arounder headphone, then go for the K712s.
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  10. ls13coco

    K712 are already on the way, but with how highly regarded the 600 and 650 are I feel I should add them to form my trio. I also feel a bit of an attachment to Sennheiser, having been their HD 598 that changed my audio world comparatively to all that I've had before, and with the 600 series being a step up I feel its a good option.

    Especially considering the other headphones on my radar are the X2 which seems to me not much point in buying if I have the 712, and the Audeze LCD series which.. I don't feel like spending the money on currently!

    These will likely not be used for gaming though. I'll try it for sure, anyway.

    Maybe I shouldn't like Sennheiser, I didn't need another hobby lol.
  11. Music freak
    X2's are bass heavy with somewhat loose bass. They also have grain in their treble. They are not as refined as the other headphones mentioned in this thread. They are musical and fun sounding, though. 
    I don't really have fun listening to such headphones, tbh. I like my sound refined. HD 650s are what I consider musical . You should definitely get them in the future. They are very lush and beautiful sounding. They are not technically perfect, but who cares? musicality wins!
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  12. Me x3
    - Smaller stage
    - More focused and clear vocals
    - More neutral
    - More grain / less refined treble
    - More bass extension
    - More resolving treble
    - More diffuse presentation
    - Clearer (not louder) treble
    AKG K712 is not that far away from HD650.
    Some differences, K712 has:
    - Flatter and cleaner bass
    - Bigger and more focused soundstage
    - More sparkle in the treble
    - Less forgiving
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