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HD 598 vs HD 600 (which has more detail)

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  1. Cobaltius
    Hello, I know there are a million threads on the Sennheiser HD 600 and HD 598 and comparisons on Head-fi and beyond but It still isn't clear for me (I have did research on these two in comparison for 4 months and can't seem to find what i'm looking for) 
    I currently Listen to Metal/Rock based music
    System of a Down
    Box Car Racer (Blink-182)
  2. Slaughter
    Haven't heard the 598, but I can tell you the HD600 is the not the ideal headphone for those genres. The HD600 doesn't do very well with music that has too much compression, like metal, newer rock and pop.
  3. roguegeek
    Detail retrieval is better on the HD 600 over the HD 598.
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  4. Cobaltius
    Some say they lack detail though? Is this true?
  5. kraken2109

    Everything lacks detail compared with something with more detail. It really depends what you're after.
  6. Jeff Y
    HD600 has more detail and air. For what you listen, you should try the HD650 out with a good amp.
  7. Nitori
    For those genres I would prefer the HD600 over the HD598, but even moreso the HD650.
    HD598 is the most bass-light of the three with the best (=most, in this case) width. Severely lacks depth though. All 3 have very good mids.
  8. Shaffer

  9. Primetime86
    completely wrong headphones for you IMO look into something with more attack and energy like the Grado SR60i with G cush.
  10. SP Wild
    HD600 is greater than HD598.  Both have the Beyerdynamic T1 type tonality.  An excellent reference tone for all recordings at just below reference volume.
  11. campj
    Don't listen to all the people who say HD600 won't be good with metal. I'm not saying THEY don't like those headphones with metal, but don't let that keep you from trying them out. I read the same sort of "not enough attack" "too laid back" "not aggressive enough" nonsense for months and it was keeping me away from the HD600, even though everything else I'd read about them made them seem ideal for me. I had Grado SR325is which was supposed to be the best for metal, and yes, they do sound good, but they are also the most fatiguing headphones I've heard. They left my ears ringing after an hour of listening at moderate levels. I eventually said screw it and bought HD600. They are great. I listen to extreme metal about 90% of the time, and HD600 suit my needs perfectly.

    I recently got AKG K712, and I would say they are more detailed than HD600. I like them almost as much, but detail isn't my main focus. You may enjoy them more than HD600 if detail is what you're looking for.
  12. Jeff Y
    they do lack a bit detail compared to HD650
  13. Shaffer

    Not in my experience.
  14. sweets3450
    interesting.  I think the hd600 sounds great for most types of rock, especially with compression or an unbalanced mix.  The detail cans like the K702 struggle much more.
  15. Shaffer

    ...before the bass mod. :)
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