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HD 598 vs DT-990

  1. BigZam
    Ive been at the amazon checkout page, looking at getting the DT-990 + e7 or the HD 598 + (maybe a e6). I love the looks and the comfort of the headband of the 598s, I have put them on but not listened to them (I know, weird right?)
     I feel that the HD 598 are the perfect buy for me. Everything about the HD598s is perfect, except for the fact that I do enjoy a little bass. The HD598s are lacking bass and I know that, that is why I am looking at the DT-990 pro with (possibly) a e7. I do not want to miss out on the warm sound of the 598s for the trade of some bass.
  2. billybob_jcv
    Well, there's two ways to look at this. You could get the DT990, then try to EQ that hot treble down a bit to try to take the edge off. Of, you could get the HD598, then try to EQ the bass up a bit to get more boom. I'm not actually sure which would be better - normally, I'm not a big fan of using the EQ to try to "fix" the sound - but my gut tells me you might be happier with the HD598. I wouldn't necessarily say the HD598 is light in bass - it just isn't a boosted bass.
  3. Darkseth
    i would say, the dt 990 is build more solid, while the Sennheiser looks way more fragile. Keep that in mind, if you think about getting them.
    But why Fiio E6 / E7? Arent those portable amps?
    i would def using anything else if you use that on PC, like a Fiio E10 (DAC + Amp in one). The Bassboost switch might be nice for you with the Sennheiser.
    But also, it warms the sound up abit i heared from some.
  4. BigZam
    I ended up going with the 598s, I am going to try and EQ the bass a little up (not a "bass head" but enjoy a little punch) and I should be fine with how they will sound.
    The reason why I did not go with the dt-990 is because they are just not nearly as portable. Things such as the detachable cord, no amp needed, and straight cable on the HD598 were deciding factors when choosing my headphones.

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