HD 570 rattles a bit with bass..
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Dec 27, 2005
My Sennheiser HD570s are a couple years old. They're pretty great for my at home use, except for one thing.. the left side rattles a bit with deep bass.. and it seems that it only happens sometimes, as if there's a loose screw or something, and its very annoying

does anyone know what it might be? i dont remember ever hearing it when they were newer, and the bass doesnt seem nearly strong enough to be pushing the cans past their limits..

any ideas?

UPDATE: ive removed the earpads and foam to look at the drivers to make sure there's nothing on them, but there was nothing, and the rattling is still there

i havent looked at the insides from the back though, its much harder to access ..

UPDATE 2: i also have senn hd 25-1 and they dont crackle on the same songs with even louder volume...

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