HD 555 headband replacement - will the one from HD 558 fit?
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Jan 4, 2015
My HD 555 headband broke few days ago. I nearly bought HD 598, but more rational approach would be trying to fix the current headset.
Although only the small plastic element (the slim plastic for regulating height of the right headphone) broke, seems I have to buy whole headband. That's ok, I would even consider buying a set of new pads.
The problem is that there are no HD 555 headbands available in my country for the next 3 weeks. I could get HD 558 / HD 598 / HD 595 as replacement. Will any of these headbands fit the HD 555? I am particularly interested in HD 558 headbands because it is cheap :p
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Dec 1, 2004
I had the HD555 with the usual cracks in the earcup hooks. I was going to order a replacement headband from Senn USA direct for $40 plus $6 shipping. this includes the entire headband, headband pad, earcup hooks, and the cable that runs through the headband. You would need some soldering skills to assemble them your earcups with drivers.
But then I had the big idea of purchasing the HD595 headband, as it was nicer overall with the leather headband pad. I called Senn USA and it was available for $46 plus $6 shipping. In the end, I decided not to spend the 50 bucks on old headphones and purchased new headphones instead.
I physically held my HD555 next to the HD558 to see if the new 55x series headband would fit. They looked exactly the same to me, but I don't know if there were slight changes between the old 5x5 series and the new 55x series.
So in short, I can't guarantee that the 595 would work on the 555, but I was willing to chance it.
Here are the part numbers:
HD555 Headband complete: 510617
HD595 Headband complete: 510618
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