HD-497's and MINT
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100+ Head-Fier
Nov 14, 2003
I plan to order the HD-497's from www.headphone.com. I'm not sure where to get them in Canada, although I might give www.sennheiser.ca a call before I make my decision. I've never had a headphone amplifier before so I'm looking at starting with the MINT. It will be used primarily for my computer, but as soon as I have enough money it will be used for a portable also. How is this combination for a beginner?

I was looking at the HD-580's but I think I'm going to start low, that and I'm kind of strapped for cash around the $100 mark if I want to get an amplifier for around $100 also. Eventually my next set of headphones will be the 580's. Please feel free to share your opinions on what combination I should get.

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