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hd 25-1ii vs re272. what should i get

  1. monoxyde1234
    had read a lengthy amount of review  but haven't found a direct comparison between the two.
    does anyone have both? how do they compare sound wise?
  2. monoxyde1234
  3. Spyro
    They both isolate about the same so HD25 is clearly the better choice for a fuller, warmer sound with plenty of detail.
    If you are only interested in upper treble frequency, RE272 would be the better choice.
  4. monoxyde1234
    thank you sir for your help, i'm looking for an all rounder so hd25 probably fits the bill. whilst waiting for a reply on this thread i came across threads on the 300$ and the d2000's caught my attention. so for now i'll wait for a little bit longer and see if i can squeeze in the d2000 on my budget, but if not, i'll definitely go get the hd25.

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