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Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

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  1. Podster
    Indeed let us know if you receive yours as the last 48 may be the fastest sale to ever hit Head-Fi or Taobao for sure!
  2. FactoryStock
    Pfft. I was met with a brick wall. Few days after ordering I got hit by a refund with no explanation. So I guess no more sales for all those remaining 48 clickbaits.

    I gave up on ever getting them and bought a mint ASG-1Plus. Enjoyed it a lot but not too tremendously, for a month. Just early this month the right dynamic driver got busted, and Fender's silent as a grave. Talk about sucky, bad luck.

    It's like the universe is telling me to stop babying my gadgets since they don't last long anyway...

    I'm considering getting the IT04s and IEmatch. To me they 04s sound just OK. Doesn't have same layering and sweetness as the Havis; the treble is not laid back, but also not forward. Just...normal and non-painful. Wonder what the IT04W will sound like, they are still in development for now.

    I tried the FH5 too, but it's hard to gravitate towards either of them.

    As at this moment, I'm just not actively listening to music much. Just commuting without music. So boring. Life without the Havis is such a drag, man.
  3. Baycode
    Unfortunately B3Pro1 is no longer produced. B6 is is still a mystery... If any new information pours about B3 or B6 this thread will hear it first.


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  4. hemipowered007
    I want to open these shells up and recable them so bad. I have a bad connection at the trs end, intermittent, but want to recable hardwired w a nice braided copper cable terminated to 4.4mm for my zx300. But I'm scared of ruining the damn things. I'm not the most skilled at soldering. I've never opened an iem either. What do yal think, should I try it? Or just retwrminate the end to 4.4mm???
  5. peter123
    I'd try to just reterminate the end. I'm pretty sure I've read (a looong time ago so please try to get it confirmed) that it's possible to do this with the stock cable
  6. Ruebezahl
    I was lucky and got one Havi B3 Pro 1 in good used condition for 20€ incl shipping on german ebay and now am totally in love with this IEM. Sad that they aren't produced anymore and also sad, that they don't have changable cables right from factory, because they are imho damn good IEMs, to be honest, my favorites at the moment. They are real workhorses that can handle any genre I'm listening to, the only bummer is, that the build quality could have been a bit better, or.. more stable. If I find another pair in used condition, I'm going to buy it, but the chances, that i will find another one here in germany are very low. Are there any IEMs with a sound signature, that is HAVI-ish, out there?
  7. hemipowered007
    There's 4 leads going into the plug so it should be separate positive/negative leads on each side. Guess there's only one way to find out.
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  8. yangian
    I think Ostry KC06/06A sounds like B3 a little bit. Except the soundstage, I think KC06 are better than B3 in many areas.
  9. hemipowered007
    It had been a while since I heard the havi, I've basically just used my Sony ex1000 for a year. I was going to recommend it as an upgrade, which it really is, but there are differences. So, because the connection issue, i hadn't listened to them in a while, yesterday I rocked the havi for quite some time just had to hold down the cord in a certain way. The soundstage isn't as grand as the ex1000 but so close, the real difference is in tuning and resolution, they're just much different. Havi is more laid back in treble, mids, especially vocals, are alot more forward, Seperation isn't as good as sony, and bass detail is less. BUT, they are still, an incredible iem, the vocals made me remember why I loved this iem so much. I'm planning on rewiring the b3 this weekend, and enjoying them more. While the ex1000 is technically superior, it doesn't really make the havi any less enjoyable. I'm so sad that it's going to be all but gone soon, it really needs a successor in the b6. Why havi, why did you leave us all waiting??? You said you were going to make the b6, whyyyyyyyy. Please just make it, I'll buy it, I promise.
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  10. Ruebezahl
    Has anybody ever tested the Havi against something like the FH5 or the ER3XR? Looking for a higher price IEM at the moment and after I found out, that the havi very much fits my taste, I would like to have seomthing that is havi-ish, maybe with a tiny bit more in the lower frequencies, but with the same "I can handly any style of music you are listening to my friend Ruebezahl"-attitude, that I love so much
  11. stilleh
    Sony XBA-N3AP
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  12. hemipowered007
    So I have the havi completely dismantleD to install a full new balanced cable, I would love to do some wood veneer to replace the broken "glass". Any cool ideas? I'll get them wired for now and do the covers later, just trying to figure out the coolest thing to do.
  13. peter123
    Just noticed the post about the KC06 being a similar sounding alternative to the B3P1 and have to say that I respectfully disagree.

    While I love the wide and organic presentation on the Havi's I never cared for the flat and two dimensional sound that the KC06 delivers.

    One may like one or the other but I find them to be extremely different sounding IEM's.

    On another note the recent activity in this thread made me bring out the Havi's for the first time in a long time and man are these still delivering, not many of the IEM's I own can compete with the Havi's to this day when it comes to sound natural. How I'd like for them to come out with a new offering, even if it just ment a more reliable housing and detachable cables....
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  14. Baycode
    20190509_141708.jpg I am here to say that I am very excited. Because I have just found the full sized headphone equivalent to the sound of B3Pro1 (After many years of searching, demoing, buying and selling full sized hp's)!

    It's a super rare headphone.

    But cheap.

    And needs a beefy amp.

    It's an AKG K400 (EP).

    To my luck I have found an unused one.

    Now I will settle for a very long time...

    Just wanted to inform dear headfi friends :wink:
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  15. Podster
    THX Bay, I know I love my K553's but they are not quite my B3's:beerchug: My K702's that I gave to Wokei did not quite reach there either:rolling_eyes:
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